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Conjunctiva union a century with an eyeglobe conjunctiva.

Symblepharon symptoms:

Distinguish symblepharon partial at which commissures take a part a century (separate crossing points and tyazh), and full, characterized by an union of all century with an eyeglobe. Partial symblepharon can be front when under it it is possible to bring the probe, and back if areas of the arches are spliced, and the front department is free a century from commissures.

Symblepharon reasons:

Heavy corrosive and thermal burns of eyes, wounds of an eye and its appendages, inflammatory processes of a conjunctiva (diphtheria, pempigus, trachoma, etc.). Arises in cases when the integrity of a conjunctiva of a century and a conjunctiva of an eyeglobe is broken and there is an union of the adjoining wound surfaces.

Symblepharon treatment:

Treatment is surgical. At limited small symblepharon for elimination an union there is enough section of a fold of symblepharon and suture on a conjunctiva. At symblepharon of the bigger size apply a covering of a wound surface on an eyeglobe the pedicle grafts taken from the next conjunctiva. At extensive symblepharon apply to a covering of a wound surface mucous, taken from the patient's lip. At full symblepharon use a big mucous graft from a cheek. In the postoperative period disinfecting drops and ointments with corticosteroids are recommended.

The forecast at partial symblepharon favorable. At full symblepharon and ankyloblepharon elimination represents it a difficult task. After elimination of full symblepharon and an ankilolefaron quite often operations on a muddy cornea (a keratoplasty a keratoprotezirovaniye) give optical effect.

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