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Hypopyon - the purulent exudate which is located in lower parts of an anterior chamber of an eye.

Hypopyon symptoms:

Hypopyon has an appearance of the characteristic yellow strip which is located at the bottom of an anterior chamber. Its lower bound of a semi-lunar form is behind a limb, upper — horizontal. If pus liquid, then hypopyon moves in an anterior chamber at change of position of the head of the patient. The amount of exudate can increase, and then hypopyon occupies a half or even all anterior chamber. At the beginning of process when pus liquid, its rassasyvaniye is possible. Owing to fibrin coagulation hypopyon can become viscous, then it does not change the situation any more and quite often turns into a connective tissue film. The size of hypopyon and its look indirectly characterize a condition of inflammatory process: reduction of hypopyon indicates a zatikhaniye of inflammatory process in an eye, increase — on strengthening of inflammatory process.

Hypopyon reasons:

Various inflammatory diseases of an eye of an infectious, toxic, allergic origin. Owing to exudation in an anterior chamber of an eye purulent cells and fibrin accumulate. Sometimes to hypopyon blood is added. Hypopyon contains pyogenic microbes more often (at a purulent iridocyclitis, an entophthalmia), it can be more rare sterile (at a creeping ulcer of a cornea).

Hypopyon treatment:

Treatment of a basic disease (see the Keratitis, the Iridocyclitis, the Helcoma, the Entophthalmia). If hypopyon does not respond to drug treatment and pus fills the most part of an anterior chamber, the cornea paracentesis — opening by a lanceolated knife of an anterior chamber of an eye at distance of 1 mm from a limb with washing by solution of benzylpenicillin of sodium salt (10 LLC EDV of 1 ml) is shown at 12 o'clock.

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