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Atrophy of an optic nerve


The atrophy of an optic nerve consists in gradual substitution of nerve fibrils, the innervating eyes, connecting fabric.

Symptoms of the Atrophy of an optic nerve:

Distinguish the following forms of an atrophy of optic nerves:

    * primary (simple). At primary atrophy an optic disk pale with a clear boundary, formation of flat excavation, narrowing of arterial vessels of a retina are noted. Sight is reduced. The field of vision is concentrically narrowed, scotomas come to light. The special form of primary atrophy is represented hereditary, or leberovsky, by the atrophy connected with a floor. The disease develops, as a rule, at men - members of one family aged from 13 up to 28 years. The simple atrophy of an optic nerve often meets at tabes and the progressing paralysis. Usually it is followed by concentric narrowing of fields of vision, especially on red and green colors, and decrease in sight. Process, as a rule, bilateral, defeat is observed at patients of middle age. The forecast usually bad, a disease comes to an end with a blindness.
    * secondary. In an early stage of a secondary atrophy which arises after an inflammation or developments of stagnation the pale optic disk has indistinct borders, prominirut (acts) a little, veins of a retina are expanded; in a late stage the picture reminds primary atrophy.
    * full
    * partial. At a partial atrophy functional and oftalmoskopichesky changes are less expressed, than at a full atrophy.
    * stationary
    * progressing. The progressing atrophy is characterized by steady decrease in sight, stationary - stabilization of visual functions.

Reasons of the Atrophy of an optic nerve:

Often the atrophy of an optic nerve develops at damage of the central nervous system, tumors, syphilis, brain abscesses, encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, skull injuries, intoxications, alcoholic poisonings with methyl alcohol, etc. Atrophies of an optic nerve can precede neuritis, a congestive disk, an idiopathic hypertensia and atherosclerotic changes of vessels. Quite often the atrophy of an optic nerve is observed at poisoning with quinine, avitaminosis, starvation, a tower-shaped skull, at treatment in the past by Plasmocidum. The atrophy of an optic nerve can develop also at such diseases as impassability of the central artery of a retina and the arteries feeding an optic nerve at uveites, a pigmental degeneration of a retina.

Treatment of the Atrophy of an optic nerve:

Treatment of an atrophy of optic nerves - very difficult problem because of extremely limited ability to a neuranagenesis. Everything depends on that, degenerative process is how widespread in fibers of a nerve and whether their viability remained.

Some progress in treatment of an atrophy of an optic nerve is made thanks to pathogenetic the directed influences for the purpose of improvement of viability of nervous tissue.

Are for this purpose applied:

    * vasodilators,
    * vasoprotectives,
    * osmotherapy,
    * vitamin therapy.

The group of vasodilating drugs includes amyle nitrite, niacin, компламин, Stugeronum.

At osmotherapy 10% solution of sodium of chloride and 40% glucose solution are applied. And also ATP, hypodermic introduction of 0,1% of solution of sodium of nitrite to area of a temple, cocarboxylase and vitamins - Ascorutinum, B1, B6 and B12 is appointed.

At an atrophy of an optic nerve fabric drugs in the form of subcutaneous injections of drugs of an aloe, FIBS, a peloidodistillyat, Torfotum, and also a course of ultrasonic therapy are used.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Atrophy of an optic nerve:

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