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Opacification of a cornea


After the postponed keratitis quite often there are opacifications of a cornea of various degree of manifestation. In size and intensity of opacification of a cornea there are in the form of a cloudlet, spots and cataracts.

Reasons of opacification of a cornea:

Opacification of a cornea arises after acute inflammatory diseases of eyes (after a keratitis). Besides, opacification of a cornea can appear as a result of eye injuries.

Symptoms of opacification of a cornea:

At opacification of a cornea sight decreases. Extent of decrease in sight depends on extent of opacification of a cornea. Sometimes opacification of a cornea is noticeable not to an aided eye.

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Opacification of a cornea

Treatment of opacification of a cornea:

Despite prescription of process, in the presence of residual inflammatory infiltration in the field of a cataract or around it carry out topical antiinflammatory and resorptional treatment. From nonspecific anti-inflammatory drugs apply corticosteroids in the form of eye drops: 1% suspension of a cortisone, 1% suspension of a hydrocortisone, 0,3% solution of Prednisolonum, 0,1% dexamethasone solution 3 — 4 times a day. With the same purpose appoint instillations of 2% of solution of pyramidon. Use also the ointments containing corticosteroids — 0,5% of hydrocortisone, 0,5% prednizolonovy 2 — 3 once a day. From resorptional means apply instillations of 1 — 2% of solutions of ethyl morphine of a hydrochloride. Each 2 — 3 weeks gradually increase concentration of solutions to 6 — 8%. Apply 1 — 2% hydrochloride ethyl morphine ointment. Courses of treatment are usually repeated. Appoint also прискол (Switzerland), Divascolum (ChSSR), at-dazol (Party of Russian Taxpayers), Tolazolinum (GDR) in the form of instillations of 10% of solution and 10% of an oculentum. Priskol — the vasodilating drug of local action improving blood circulation in front department of an eye.

Ethyl morphine the hydrochloride is applied also in a look under - conjunctival injections: 2% enter solution on 0,2 — 0,3 — 0,4 — 0,5 bucketed ml every other day. Locally appoint instillations of 3% of solution of potassium iodide or sodium iodide, 0,1% of solution of a lidaza, introduction to a conjunctival sac of 1 — 2% of yellow mercury ointment. For a rassasyvaniye of opacifications of a cornea use also коллализин (proteolytic enzyme) which enter under an eyeglobe conjunctiva in a dose 10 KE into 0,2 ml 0,5% of solution of novocaine. The course of treatment makes 7 — 10 injections. Before treatment kollaliziny check of sensitivity of the patient to drug is necessary for what under a conjunctiva enter at first 1 KE. In the absence of allergic reaction during 48 h treatment is carried out by the doses stated above.

When forming opacifications of a cornea for more gentle scarring appoint an electrophoresis with a hydrocortisone (0,1% solution) 15 min. or фонофорез from 0,5% hydrocortisone solution (5 min.) daily, to a course — 15 procedures. Apply ultrasound at intensity of 0,1 — 0,2 W/cm2 to a rassasyvaniye of opacifications of a cornea daily or every other day, only 15 procedures; an electrophoresis with lidazy through a vannochkovy electrode (32 PIECES on the procedure) every other day, on a course — 15 procedures; an electrophoresis with a vitreous (ampoule solution), 3% solution of potassium iodide, an aloe (ampoule solution). Use also an electrophoresis and фонофорез a kollalizina (50 KE on 10 ml of the distilled water). Electrophoresis duration — 10 min., a fonoforeza — 5 min. A course of treatment — 10 procedures. Courses of treatment are repeated in 1,5 — 2 months. At repeated courses of an electrophoresis it is reasonable to change medicines.

As resorptional means enter 1 — 2 ml of oxygen under a conjunctiva of the lower transitional fold. The procedure is repeated in 1 — 2 day, by 10 — 20 injections on a course. From the general means promoting a rassasyvaniye of opacifications of a cornea apply biogenic stimulators (aloe extract liquid, FIBS, пелоидодистиллат to injections, a vitreous, Torfotum, etc.) in the form of subcutaneous injections on 1 ml, 30 injections on a course. Torfotum is entered also under a conjunctiva on 0,2 ml every other day, by only 15 — 20 injections. Intramusculary appoint lidaza injections on 1 ml (64 UE) every other day, 10 — 15 injections to a course. Courses of treatment repeat 2 — 3 times a year. In case of opacification of a cornea owing to specific process (tuberculosis, syphilis, etc.) vigorous treatment of a basic disease is necessary. At development of secondary glaucoma — instillation of 1 — 2% of solution of Pilocarpinum of a hydrochloride, 0,25 — 0,5% of solution of an optimol, inside Diacarbum on 0,125 — 0,25 g 2 times a day.

Treatment of patients with rough cataracts is ineffective. At the corresponding indications make surgical intervention.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Opacification of a cornea:

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