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Epiretinalny membrane


The Epiretinalny membrane is a pellicle which is formed in a vitreous cavity in close proximity to a makula. Usually this slowly progressing disease which worsens the central sight, causing misting and a curvature of the image. In process of progressing the membrane begins to delay on itself a makula that causes its hypostasis, formation in it of an opening and amotio.

Symptoms of the Epiretinalny membrane:

    * Poor eyesight
    * Doubling which remains even when the second eye is closed
    * Distortions in sight (straight lines look curved and wavy)

Эпиретинальная мембрана при осмотре глазного дна

Epiretinalny membrane at survey of an eyeground

Reasons of the Epiretinalny membrane:

In certain cases the epiretinalny membrane appears "in itself", without the reasons seen on that. In such situation, it is considered that its development is connected with age changes on an eyeground as this option occurs at people 75 years are more senior. Most often the epiretinalny membrane is obliged by the emergence to this or that eye disease - a diabetic retinopathy, vitreous amotio, retina amotio, an injury of an eye, short-sightedness  and others.

Treatment of the Epiretinalny membrane:

Treatment only surgical. It consists membranes at a distance. Operation is performed at the strong decrease in sight breaking usual life of the patient when the risk of possible damage of a makula as a result of operation is comparable to the visual acuity which is available before operation.

Removal of a membrane is carried out under local anesthesia in the operating room. In a conjunctiva and a sclera in the field of a projection of a ciliary body get access to a vitreous through small punctures. Using the special equipment - a microscope, the bright lighter, the disseminating lens, the device for supply of liquid in an eye, a vitreotom and a set of other special tools and solutions, the epiretinalny membrane is removed.

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