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Hemophthalmia - the massive vitreous hemorrhage occupying the most part of his cavity. The essence of process consists in treatment of a vitreous the blood which streamed in an eye cavity. For the 3rd day after penetration of blood into a vitreous blood hemolysis begins, erythrocytes lose hemoglobin, become colourless and disappear. Hemoglobin drops out in a vitreous in the form of grains. In the course of a blood rassasyvaniye phagocytes absorb erythrocytes and grains of hemoglobin. The hemosiderin which is formed at hemoglobin disintegration toxic affects a retina. Quite often blood will be organized, connective tissue tyazh (shvarta) soldered to a retina are formed. The hemophthalmia in a vitreous is resulted by the irreversible degenerative changes connected with disturbance of chemism and normal structure of a vitreous.

Hemophthalmia symptoms:

Visual acuity decreases quite often to photoperception with the wrong projection of light, sometimes there comes the total blindness. At focal lighting or biomicroscopy behind a crystalline lens the dark brown mass of blood, granular with a reddish shade, which impregnates a vitreous is visible. Details of structure of a vitreous are not defined. At an oftalmoskopiya the reflex from an eyeground is absent. At a rassasyvaniye of blood destruction of a vitreous is noted, it is liquefied, the fibrilla which bulked up and thickened, covered with granular inclusions, erythrocytes and products of their disintegration. It is necessary to distinguish a hemophthalmia from partial vitreous hemorrhages which occupy its small part and quite often completely resolve.

Hemophthalmia reasons:

Most often contusions of an eyeglobe and the getting wounds leading to disturbance of an integrity of a wall of vessels of a horioidea or a retina and also inflammatory processes in a uveal path and a retina, hemorrhagic glaucoma, a diabetic retinopathy are the reasons of a hemophthalmia.

The vitreous hemorrhage can arise at other pathological processes in an organism - cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis and an idiopathic hypertensia, blood diseases, endocrine frustration, etc. However hemorrhages thus occupy only a small part of a vitreous more often.

Treatment of the Hemophthalmia:

Treatment is carried out taking into account etiological factors. In the first days rest, appointment in vitamin K on 0,015 g, a routine on 0,02 g, ascorbic acid on 0,1-0,2 g 3 times a day, Calcii chloridum drugs is recommended (10% solution on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day). Further (for the 10th day) carry out intensive resorptional care in the form of intravenous injections of 10% of solution of sodium of chloride or 40% of solution of glucose, an autohemotherapy, intramuscular injections of a vitreous (on 2 ml every other day, 15 injections), hemotransfusions (on 100 ml repeatedly every 10 days). Locally appoint an oxygenotherapy, installations of 3% of solution of ethyl morphine of a hydrochloride, installation and an injection of 1% of an emulsion of a cortisone, 0,1% of solution of dexamethasone. In later terms appoint inside iodine drugs, carry out ultrasonic and physical therapy (an electrophoresis with potassium iodide and papain). In the absence of effect of the specified treatment which is carried out for a long time after emergence of a hemophthalmia suction of a vitreous or excision of a part it by means of a vitreofag with the subsequent substitution by drug of hyaluronic acid - luronity is recommended.

The forecast concerning sight recovery often adverse. There comes irreversible destruction of a vitreous, the organization of blood, education шварт. Traction amotio of a retina, a subatrophy and an atrophy of an eyeglobe is possible.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Hemophthalmia:

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