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Vegetative polyneuropathy


This state develops as a result of damage pre-or postganglionic neurons. Usually together with vegetative sensitive and motive fibers suffer. Diabetic polyneuropathy, alcoholic polyneuropathy, a syndrome to Giyena-Barra can be an example. Less often vegetative neuropathy develops separately.

Symptoms of Vegetative polyneuropathy:

Vegetative neuropathy is shown mainly by symptoms of loss of vegetative regulation - orthostatic hypotonia up to faints, a xeroderma, a hypothermia, a bladder atony, locks, dryness in a mouth, reduction of a slezootdeleniye, decrease in pupillary reflexes and an illegibility of sight because of accommodation disturbance, impotence. Besides, there are also irritation symptoms - an arterial hypertension, a diarrhea, perspiration, tachycardia or bradycardia.

Reasons of Vegetative polyneuropathy:

There is a defeat pre-or the postganglionic neurons sensitive and motive fibers.

Treatment of Vegetative polyneuropathy:

Treatment is caused by the main pathology.
At diareya at vegetative neuropathy a symptomatic treatment, reception of the fixing drugs is shown.
At vegetative perspiration treatment by means of powder of a glipirronium or anticholinergic drugs (the use is not really desirable because of development of side effects).
Treatment of a neurogenic bladder - independent catheterization 2-3 times a day.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Vegetative polyneuropathy:

  • Препарат Изодибут.


    The drugs used at a diabetes mellitus. Aldozoreduktaza inhibitors.

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