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Hemianopsia (hemiopia) - the defects of a field of vision observed on each eye only in one half of a field of vision.

Hemianopsia symptoms:

The Gomonimny hemianopsia is characterized by loss of a temporal half of a field of vision in one eye and nasal - in another. There are right-hand gomonimny hemianopsias (at defeat of the left visual tract) and left-side (at defeat of the right visual tract). More often the hemianopsia is not noticed by the patient and comes to light only during the research of a field of vision. The hemianopsia can be full at loss of all half of a field of vision and incomplete when defect under review does not reach its extreme periphery. As well as all defects of a field of vision, hemianopsia happen absolute and relative. A peculiar kind of a hemianopsia when an able to see half of a field of vision extends in the blind party, forming polulupy about a macula lutea a little meets. Such type of a hemianopsia is characteristic of cortical defeats.

Gomonimny hemianopsias sometimes limit free movement of the patient, can complicate reading also. These defects can be non-constant and after a while disappear. The leading symptom from an eyeground - an atrophy of optic nerves which appears at damage of optic nerves and hiazma. At localization of defeat in a cranked body above the atrophy of optic nerves does not develop.

The Geteronimny hemianopsia is shown by bitemporal loss of half of fields of vision, at the same time the border between the blind and able to see party passes through a sight midfield. The reason of a bitemporal hemianopsia - defeat of a middle part of a hiazma. The Binazalny hemianopsia is observed seldom. Unlike the others a hemianopsia existence of two centers of defeat squeezing side parts of a hiazma is characteristic of it. Such type of a hemianopsia can be observed at a hiazmalny arachnoiditis. Losses of upper or lower half of a field of vision which are observed after gunshot wounds of occipital area, and also gemianopichesky scotomas belong to gemiapopichesky defects.

At the pathological processes causing increase in intracranial pressure (a gipertenzionny syndrome) along with a hemianopsia the picture of congestive disks of optic nerves is observed.

Hemianopsia reasons:

Disturbance of blood circulation of a brain, intracranial tumors, abscesses, skull wounds, encephalomeningitis, базальньй meningitis, aneurisms of arteries of the basis of a brain can be the reasons of hemianopsias.
Gemiaiopsiya develop as a result of defeat of visual pathways from a hiazma to a shporny furrow. Depending on the place of defeat of a visual way there is a certain type of hemianopsias.

Distinguish gomonimny (of the same name) and the hetera and other (heteronymic) hemianopsia.

The first is right-or left-side, the second - bitemporal or binazalny. The hemianopsia can be full or partial, in particular quadrant. The bilateral gemiapopsiya happens upper or lower. Allocate still a bilateral hemianopsia with preservation of a narrow peculiar field of vision and a hemianopsia on one eye. Losses of a field of vision are shown by also gemianopichesky scotomas (central, paracentral, peripheral).

Treatment of the Hemianopsia:

Treatment of a disease which led to development of a hemianopsia is carried out.

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