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Brachycephaly (brakhikefaliya; Greek brachys short kepha1e the head) — korotkogolovy; the shape of the head differing in the high relation of an indicator of the greatest width of the head to the greatest length.

Brachycephaly reasons:

In clinical practice the brachycephaly is considered as a kind of a craniostenosis and is result of premature fusion of a coronary seam of a skull. Birth trauma, infections vnutriutrobno postponed (a toxoplasmosis, etc.) can be the reasons of this anomaly. Deformation of a skull (increase in height of a darkness, protrusion of occipital department and a skoshennost of frontal department) is found at early children's age.

Symptoms brachycephaly:

Calculate on a formula a/b 100 where and - the longitudinal diameter of the head from a superciliary point (glabell) to an occipital (oiistokranion), b cross diameter between parietal points. This index entered and 1842 the Swedish anthropologist A. Rettsius, received the name of "the head index". The head index apply in anthropology to the characteristic of process of rounding of the head (a form cranial boxes within a type of the modern person). B. the hominid, but Homo sapiens belonging to a look, i.e. at Neanderthal men, sinantrop and pithecanthropi almost does not occur at minerals. At the modern person B. it is characterized by an index 81,0 above.
Subjectively — complaints to a headache, are more rare nausea, vomiting, dizziness. Increase in the cross size of the head and reduction of the perednezadny size attracts attention. At a research decrease in visual acuity, an exophthalmos, squint, horizontal comes to light, the nystagmus, decrease in corneal reflexes, increase in tendon and periosteal jerks, expansion of their zone, pyramidal symptoms is more rare vertical. When performing coordination tests in nek-ry cases the intentsionny tremor comes to light. The Kernig's sign caused by increase in intracranial pressure is quite often positive. The intelligence can be moderately reduced. An eyeground — the phenomena of stagnation or an atrophy of optic nerves. Kraniogramma: reduction of depth of a front cranial pole, strengthening of the drawing of manual impressions, expansion of an entrance to the Turkish saddle. At a lumbar puncture — supertension of cerebrospinal liquid.

The forecast at the timely and rationally carried out treatment favorable.
The aggravation of symptoms is quite often observed after the postponed infections, skull injuries.

Форма черепа при брахицефалии

Shape of a skull at a brachycephaly

Treatment brachycephaly:

Carrying out courses of dehydrational therapy: sulfate magnesia, lasixum, Fonuritum, глицерол. In some cases — operational treatment (craniotomy).

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