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Exophthalmos – morbid condition at which it is stuck out one or both eyeglobes.

Внешний вид больной с экзофтальмом

Outward of the patient with an exophthalmos

Exophthalmos symptoms:

the ustoronny exophthalmos can become result of hypostasis and lymphoid infiltration of eye fabrics. Uncontrollable protrusion of one eye, as a rule, has prevoprichiny hemorrhage or inflammatory process of an eye-socket or the next nasal bosoms. If the exophthalmos develops within 2-3 weeks, it is possible to allow chronic inflammatory process of an eye-socket or existence pseudo of a tumor (cellular infiltration of not tumoral nature). Slower development of an exophthalmos forces to suspect a true tumor.

Arteriovenous aneurism near a carotid artery and a cavernous sine can lead to the pulsing exophthalmos and specific noise. Its emergence after damage, most likely, is caused by a carotid and cavernous fistula what it is possible to make sure when holding a procedure of auscultation of an eyeglobe of. The injury or an infection, in particular front, can cause thrombosis of a tricky sine which will be followed by a unilateral exophthalmos and fever. Unilateral high short-sightedness or a meningioma can lead to a unilateral exophthalmos.

Exophthalmos reasons:

As the reason of emergence of an exophthalmos inflammatory processes, hypostases, tumors or an injury of an eye-socket, fibrinferment of a cavernous sine or increase in the sizes of the eyeglobe (for example can serve, at hereditary glaucoma or unilateral high short-sightedness).

Treatment of the Exophthalmos:

Treatment of an exophthalmos directly depends on a cause of illness.

If there is a need, on the general carotid artery impose a ligature or make selective embolization of the site of arteriovenous aneurism.

The exophthalmos connected with a hyperthyroidism can decrease after reduction in norm of function of a thyroid gland, however in certain cases it remains, and then the surgical decompression of an eye-socket is required.

Quite often system use of corticosteroids with the purpose to reduce hypostasis and pseudo a tumor (for example, Prednisonum in 1 mg/kg daily within a week, then every other day within 5 weeks brings benefit; after that the dose is gradually reduced to the minimum supporting).

Tumors need to be deleted.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Exophthalmos:

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