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Xerophthalmia (from Greek xeros - dry, ophthalmos - an eye) - the disease characterizing avitaminosis And.

Xerophthalmia symptoms:

The xerophthalmia is followed by feeling of a foreign body and burning in an eye, a photophobia, deterioration in sight. The conjunctiva becomes dry, rough, dim, on it deadwhite spots of a grease look appear (Iskersky's plaques — Bito), a cornea tarnishes, grows turbid, burgeons vessels, visual acuity gradually decreases. To the xerophthalmia caused by a hypovitaminosis And, the hemeralopia usually joins. Process is more often bilateral, develops slowly.

Xerophthalmia reasons:

Avitaminosis And can be exogenous and endogenous and is caused by a number of the following reasons: insufficient content of vitamin B to food, the disturbance of absorption both vitamin A, and fats in intestines increased by consumption of this vitamin at a number of pathological processes and diseases. It is known that vitamin A defines a state эпителиев and rhodopsin synthesis. At a lack of vitamin A there is a metaplasia of a prismatic and transitional epithelium in keratosic multilayer flat. At disturbance of synthesis of rhodopsin the hemeralopia (night blindness) appears. The metaplasia of a prismatic epithelium of respiratory tracts, in particular a trachea and bronchial tubes, is observed often at measles and flu that it is connected considerably with endogenous insufficiency of vitamin A, Manifestations of endogenous insufficiency of vitamin A can be observed also at other infectious diseases (for example, at tuberculosis).

Treatment of the Xerophthalmia:

Treatment is carried out as it is out-patient, and in the conditions of a hospital. It depends on a cause of illness. So, at a hypovitaminosis And appoint the diet rich with vitamin A, vitamin A drugs, at a lagophthalmia make partial sewing together a century — a blepharorrhaphy. For moistening of an eye at To. recommend to enter into a conjunctival sac of ointment, the containing vitamins A and groups B, special solutions; at severe forms of a xerophthalmia in a conjunctival sac replace a channel of a parotid sialaden (stenon a channel).

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Xerophthalmia:

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