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GEMERALOPIYa (Xing.: a night blindness, a night blindness) — sharp deterioration in sight in the conditions of the lowered lighting, in twilight and at night.

Gemeralopiya's symptoms:

Distinguish an inborn, symptomatic and essential hemeralopia. The inborn hemeralopia is shown at children's and early youthful age, often has heredo-familial character. The symptomatic hemeralopia is one of symptoms of organic diseases of eyes (a pigmental degeneration of a retina, glaucoma, the high or complicated short-sightedness). The essential hemeralopia develops owing to defective food, especially at a lack of vitamin A food, chronic diseases of a liver.

Gemeralopiya's reasons:

Disturbances of education and disintegration in bacillary cells of a retina of an eye of a rhodopsin of the rhodopsin playing a large role in adaptation of sight to darkness are the cornerstone of mechanisms of development of a hemeralopia.

Gemeralopiya's treatment:

Treatment is directed to a basic disease. At the same time irrespective of an origin of a hemeralopia consumption of the products rich with vitamin A (cod liver, butter, milk, cheese, an egg yolk), vegetable products which contain provitamin A — carrots, spinach, salad, tomatoes, green peas, and also blackberry, bilberry, blackcurrant, a gooseberry, cherry, by a peach, apricots, a mountain ash is recommended.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for Gemeralopiya's treatment:

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