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Far-sightedness (hypermetropia) — the feature of a refraction of an eye consisting that images of far objects at rest of accommodation are focused behind a retina. At young age at not too high far-sightedness by means of tension of accommodation it is possible to focus the image on a retina.

Hypermetropia symptoms:

For obtaining the clear image on a retina it is necessary to strengthen a refraction. It is anomaly of sight which about a quarter of the population of Earth have. There is a wrong opinion that far-sighted well see afar, however it not always so. Often far-sighted see badly and close, and in the distance. However the people having only age far-sightedness well see afar as they have no anomalies of a refraction and the crystalline lens always is in the weakened state. Far-sighted people often feel headaches when performing work close.

Hypermetropia reasons:

The reduced eyeglobe size on a front-back axis can be one of the reasons of far-sightedness. Practically all babies — far-sighted. But with age at the majority this defect vanishes in connection with growth of an eyeglobe.

The reason of age (senile) far-sightedness (presbyopy) — reduction of ability of a crystalline lens to change curvature. This process begins at the age of about 25 years, but only by 40 — 50 years leads to decrease in visual acuity when reading at usual distance from eyes (25 — 30 cm). Approximately by 65 years of eyes already almost completely loses ability to accommodation.

Механизм развития дальнозоркости

Mechanism of development of far-sightedness

Treatment of the Hypermetropia:

Far-sightedness can be corrected with the help of both points, and contact lenses to change the direction of rays of light in an eye. Patients are often forced to wear glasses or contact lenses either all the time, or only for a bliza (reading, working at the computer, or performing other close work).

The refraction surgery, for example LASIK, can also correct far-sightedness. It can reduce or absolutely eliminate requirement wearing spectacles or contact lenses at far-sightedness.

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