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Retina amotio


Retina amotio — process of separation of a mesh cover of an eye from a choroid. In a healthy eye they closely adjoin.

Retina amotio quite often leads to considerable decrease in sight. Most often it arises at injuries and short-sightedness, and also at a diabetic retinopathy, intraocular tumors, dystrophies of a mesh cover etc.

Retina Amotio symptoms:

    * Emergence of a veil before an eye. Patients unsuccessfully try to eliminate independently it, washing out eyes tea or digging in drops. In this case it is important to remember and tell the doctor from what party originally there was a veil as over time it can increase and occupy all field of vision.

    * Flashes in the form of sparks and lightnings are also characteristic feature of the happening peeling of a retina.

    * Distortion of the considered letters, objects, loss from a field of vision of their certain sites indicates that peeling occupied the center of a retina.

Sometimes patients note that after a dream sight improves a little. This results from the fact that at horizontal position of a body the retina is returned to the place and when the person accepts vertical position, it departs from a choroid again and visual impairments renew.

Amotio of a retina cannot be cured medicamentally. The only way to recover sight and to keep an eye — urgent carrying out operation.

At amotio of a retina nervous cells, sticks and flasks perish, and the there is longer amotio, the more perishes these cells and the sight recovery even after successful operation is worse.

At an advanced disease there is a danger of a chronic inflammation, development of a cataract, total loss of sight.

Retina Amotio reasons:

Specialists allocate the main reason for this disease — ruptures of a mesh cover. The retina does not move from the place if it is tight (keeps the integrity) and in it there is no gap. If the gap was formed, then through it liquid from a vitreous gets under a retina and otslaivat it from a choroid.

The main reason for formation of a rupture of a retina — traction of a vitreous at change of its normality. This process happens thus: normal the vitreous reminds transparent jelly. At some eye diseases it changes, becomes muddy with dense tyazha, that is the condensed fibers which are connected with a retina. At the movement of an eye of a tyazha pull a retina for themselves that can lead to its gap.

Ruptures of a retina can arise also at her dystrophy (thinning). Big gaps often arise at eye injuries.

Already mentioned tractions (tension) are other more rare reasons of amotio of a retina from a modified vitreous without formation of ruptures of a retina (it often happens at a diabetic retinopathy), and also volume educations under a retina (tumors, liquid accumulation, etc.)

Success of treatment of amotio of a retina directly depends on timely detection of a disease.

Treatment of Amotio of a retina:

The purpose of surgical treatment at amotio of a retina consists in detection of a rupture of a retina and its closing. For this purpose around a gap the inflammation (influence by cold (kriopeksiya) or the laser) and the subsequent scarring in the field of a rupture of a retina is caused. All this recovers its tightness (integrity). Rapprochement of covers of an eyeglobe is made the next way for improvement of sealing: outside hem a special silicone seal in the form of a cord which presses a wall of an eye and brings closer a choroid to an otsloyenny retina to an eyeglobe.

Depending on a specific type of peeling of a retina the surgeon will choose one of certain methods of operation or their combination:

    * local sealing in a zone of a rupture of a retina is carried out in cases when the retina exfoliated partially;

    * circular sealing is applied in more hard cases when the retina exfoliated completely (the overlay of a tsirklyazh under a conjunctiva, an eye becomes in the form of hourglasses, at the same time peripheral sight falls);

    * a vitrectomy — a method at which of an eye delete the changed vitreous and instead of it enter one of necessary drugs: normal saline solution, liquid silicone, perfluorocarbon compound in the form of liquid or special gas (hexafluorated sulfur) which press down a retina to a choroid from within;

    * a lazerkoagulyation for restriction of area of a gap and the thinned sites of a retina.

The combination of these interventions is selected individually for each patient and depends on that, what is the time passed from the moment of emergence of amotio of a retina what it in size how many in it gaps where they are located etc.

Depending on a specific case treatment can be carried out in one or several steps.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Amotio of a retina:

  • Препарат Черника с лютеином.

    Bilberry with Luteinum

    The drug improving a functional condition of a retina.

    Minskinterkaps Unitary Enterprise Republic of Belarus

  • Препарат Эмоксифарм 0,75%.

    Emoksifarm of 0,75%

    Antiagreganta. Antigipoksanta and antioxidants. Vasoprotectives, proofreaders of microcirculation.

    LLC Pharmlend Republic of Belarus

  • Препарат Эмоксифарм 1%.

    Emoksifarm of 1%

    Antiagreganta. Antigipoksanta and antioxidants. Vasoprotectives, proofreaders of microcirculation.

    LLC Pharmlend Republic of Belarus

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