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The rubeosis designates the pathological growth of vessels on an iris (iris neovascularization) and in a corner of an anterior chamber (space between a cornea and an iris). Normal visible vessels in these departments of an eye are not visible.

Rubeosis symptoms:

The main manifestation of a rubeosis for the patient is, as a rule, gradual narrowing of a field of vision that is connected with secondary glaucoma. Neogenic vessels are usually not noticeable for a naked eye.

Новообразованные сосуды радужной оболочки (рубеоз)

Neogenic vessels of an iris of the eye (rubeosis)

Rubeosis reasons:

When the retina lacks oxygen, for example at a diabetic retinopathy  or impassability of veins of a retina, pathological vessels which try to recover intake of oxygen to an eye are formed. Unfortunately, these neogenic vessels block outflow of watery moisture from an eye, causing rise in intraocular pressure. It conducts to a special type of secondary glaucoma - neovascular glaucoma.

Treatment of the Rubeosis:

The main objective in treatment of a rubeosis is an achievement of normal level of intraocular pressure. However, this type of glaucoma will hard respond to treatment. Both conservative, and surgical treatment of glaucoma is carried out.

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