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Macular gap


The macular opening is the defect in the central part of a retina arising as a result of an injury of an eye and some of his diseases. But most often formation of an opening in the makul results from aging.

Symptoms of the Macular gap:

    * Poor central eyesight
    * The distorted sight (straight lines look as bent)
    * Difficulties at the reading and other occupations demanding ability to distinguish fine details
    * A gray zone in the central field of vision
    * A blind spot in the center

Макулярный разрыв сетчатки при макулодистрофии (осмотр глазного дна)

Macular rupture of a retina at a makulodistrofiya (survey of an eyeground)

Reasons of the Macular gap:

The vitreous filling an eye from within is densely soldered to a retina in its certain areas including in the field of a makula. With age the vitreous is liquefied and exfoliates from a retina (vitreous amotio). Sometimes connection of a vitreous with a retina in the field of a makula remains whereas in other places their division happened completely. In such situations mechanical draft on a makula which leads to its separation and formation of an opening in a retina is created.

Often development of a macular opening happens gradually. At the same time first of all the central sight as the makula in a retina just and is responsible for it suffers. Partial openings when only more internal (closest to a vitreous) layers of a makula come off are sometimes formed. Extent of decrease in visual acuity depends on the area of defeat and its depth. At extensive full (i.e. taking all layers) openings there can be a total loss of the central sight.

Treatment of the Macular gap:

Some macular openings are closed independently and do not demand treatment. But in most cases surgery is required to close an opening and to improve sight.

Macular openings are treated surgically. During operation the surgeon through small cuts accurately deletes a vitreous. It is called a vitrectomy. The vial of special gas is entered into an eye that within several days to its rassasyvaniye easy pressure was put upon a makula. In many cases to the patient useful sight is returned after the vial of gas resolves, and an eye heals.

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