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Puerperal pains


Within the first week after the delivery you can test puerperal pains or reductions of a uterus. Their intensity is various at different women. They are stronger if it is not your first child because the uterus should do big work to recover the former size and a form.

Now, when the kid already with you, considerable discomfort seems unfair. Do not despair. Remember that puerperal reductions play an important role for your recovery. Pains will be more intensive during feeding. Oxytocin, hormone responsible for release of milk, stimulates also reductions of a uterus.

Process of return of a uterus to an initial state is called involution. Approximately on the sixth week of a puerperal period this process will be close to end. Puerperal reductions can arise during involution at any time, but usually with smaller intensity, than in the first days after the delivery. The uterus which was at the same time accomodating your child, a placenta and amniotic waters is returned to the former size approximately about your fist.

Symptoms of Puerperal pains:

In a puerperal period of reduction of muscles of a uterus it is felt as the mild cutting pains. However, cease to pay attention to them in two-three days.

Reasons of Puerperal pains:

The child receives milk from a breast thanks to existence of a "trigger" reflex. The sucking movements the shout of the child saying that it is hungry even presence of the child in one room with mother instantly influence emergence in mother's organism special hormone — oxytocin. Oxytocin forces to be reduced muscle fibers around mammary glands thanks to what milk begins to be emitted through milk channels. Oxytocin causes also reduction of muscles of a uterus

Treatment of Puerperal pains:

If puerperal pains are tiresome or painful, softly mass a stomach bottom. You will be able to feel your uterus. In a puerperal period it is easy to distinguish it: it dense and the size approximately about grapefruit. Try to lay down a stomach on a firm pillow to press a uterus to other bodies. Other method which women involuntarily apply in response to puerperal reductions is as follows: sit down on a chair and, bending forward, press a uterus a palm. Soft massaging of a stomach at the same time helps even better.

During reductions you can also use breathing exercises, technology of relaxation which applied at the time of delivery. But the best way — to lay down on a back and to put on the stomach of the baby. Its weight and live warmly in the best way kill pain and sharpness of reductions. As the uterus makes the most part of the work during feedings, in the same situation it is possible to give to the baby a breast, using the pillow enclosed under that hand by which you support the child's head.

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