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Alcoholic liver disease


Alcoholic liver disease - one of the most widespread diseases of a liver caused by an alcohol abuse. In our country more than a half of adult population regularly takes alcoholic beverages. About 20% from them take alcohol daily and in large numbers.

Symptoms of the Alcoholic liver disease:

There are three stages of an alcoholic liver disease:

    * Liver steatosis.
The liver steatosis owing to an alcohol abuse develops at 90-100% of patients.

      At refusal of alcohol intake the pathological changes in a liver characteristic of a steatosis are normalized within 2-4 weeks. The asymptomatic current of this stage is often noted.

      At a long alcohol abuse there are alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis.
    * Alcoholic hepatitis.
Alcoholic hepatitis - a subacute inflammation of tissue of liver. Alcoholic hepatitis is followed by destruction of hepatocytes, an abnormal liver function, formation of cirrhosis. The person has a weakness, loss of weight, nausea, vomiting pain in right hypochondrium, jaundice. The liver at survey is increased also dense.
    * Cirrhosis.
Alcoholic cirrhosis forms approximately at 10-20% of the persons abusing alcohol. Damages of a liver at this stage are shown by existence of jaundice, increase in a liver, cirrhosis complications - a liver failure, portal hypertensia, ascites, bleedings from gullet veins. Alcoholic cirrhosis contributes to development of cancer of liver.

Reasons of the Alcoholic liver disease:

The risk of development of an alcoholic liver disease substantially depends on doses, duration and a regularity of alcohol intake. It is established that the risk of damage of a liver authentically increases at the use more than 40-80 grams of pure ethanol (alcohol) a day for 10 - 12 years.

At women alcoholic injury of a liver develops at smaller doses of alcohol, for shorter period and proceeds more hard, than at men. The lethality from cirrhosis at women is also higher.

Treatment of the Alcoholic liver disease:

The basic and the most efficient non-drug method of treatment of an alcoholic liver disease is complete cessation of alcohol intake. At any stage this measure promotes the favorable course of a disease. Signs of a steatosis can disappear at abstention from alcohol intake within 2-4 weeks.

It is also important to adhere to a diet of the protein containing enough and calories as at the people abusing alcohol deficit of proteins, vitamins and microelements often develops (especially potassium, magnesium and phosphorus).

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Alcoholic liver disease:

  • Препарат Урсосан.


    Hepatoprotective means.

    PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s. (Missile defense. MED.TSS, Prague, a.o.) Czech Republic

  • Препарат Холудексан.


    Hepatoprotective means.

    "World Medicine" Great Britain ("UORLD MEDITSIN") Great Britain

  • Препарат Фестал®.


    Digestive fermental means.

    Sanofi-Aventis Private Co.Ltd (Sanofi-Aventis Pravit. Co. Ltd.) France

  • Препарат Гепатолек.


    The combined drug for treatment of diseases of a liver.

    SOOO "Lekfarm" Republic of Belarus

  • Препарат Урсофальк.


    Hepatoprotective means.

    Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH ("Dr. Falk Pharm Gmbh") Germany

  • Препарат Урсодез® капс 250мг № 50/100.

    Урсодез® капс 250 mg No. 50/10

    Hepatoprotective means.

    CJSC Severnaya Zvezda Russia

  • Препарат Лив.52®.


    Phytodrug with hepatoprotective and cholagogue action,

    Himalaya Drug Co. (Himalaya Drag Co.) India

  • Препарат Урсодез® капс 250мг № 50/100.

    Урсодез® капс 250 mg No. 50/10

    Hepatoprotective means.

    CJSC Severnaya Zvezda Russia

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