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Poisoning with compounds of chrome


Poisonings with mercury — the disorders of health connected with excess intake of chrome in an organism.

Symptoms of Poisoning with compounds of chrome:

Compounds of chrome have the irritating and cauterizing effect on mucous membranes and skin. Chromates possess sensiyobiliziruyushchy and cancerogenic action.
At steam inhalation are observed irritation mucous обо­лочек, dizziness and a fever, nausea and vomiting, a stomach ache and a stomach, and also anemia. In urine appear protein and erythrocytes

At a sensitization asthmatic attacks arise chrome, the frequency of developing of lung cancer vozyorastat.

At hit of potassium bichromate burns of the pishchevariyotelny device, hemolysis, damage of kidneys and a liver are inside observed (jaundice).

Reasons of Poisoning with compounds of chrome:

Chrome and its connections — chromic anhydride, an oxide it is lame, hroyomovy acid and its salts, potassium dichromate (potassium bichromate), chromic mix (potassium bichromate with sulphuric acid). Are applied at elektrolitiyochesky chromizings, in the chemical, ceramic, textile, spiyochechny industry, in the photo, production of fungicides, organic dyes, pencils and also as the decontaminating means. Poisoning with chrome occurs at intake of chrome in an organism through respiratory organs, the digestive device and skin (chrome salt).

Are allocated with urine, and also a stake (bile) and milk of the nursing mother.  

Chrome and bivalent connections are a little toxic. Hexavalent soyoedineniye of chrome are most poisonous.

Treatment of Poisoning with compounds of chrome:

For acceleration of removal of chrome and its connections from an organism Unithiolum, a hemodialysis, an artificial diuresis are recommended.

In case of damage of eyes their voyody should wash out immediately, to dig 0,25% levomycetinum solution, at gripes — 0,5% Dicainum rasyotvor. At persistent cough appoint codeine or ethyl morphine a hydrochloride.

In case of hit of poison on skin it is necessary to wash carefully affected areas water and to impose a sintomitsinovy emulsion. At skin ulcers quartz radiation is recommended by not erythema doses.

When swallowing inside it is necessary to wash out a stomach via the probe, to allow to drink milk with ovalbumin, and then salt laxative.

If the asthmatic state develops, appoint Prednisolonum or a cortisone, an Euphyllinum, intravenously kapelno enter an adrenayolin a hydrochloride with glucose.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Poisoning with compounds of chrome:

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