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Tunnel syndrome


The tunnel syndrome of a wrist is the pain, a pricking and other problems with a hand connected with pressure upon a median nerve in the patient's wrist.

The median nerve and several sinews go from your forearm to a brush through the small place in your wrist which is called the channel of a wrist. The median nerve controls the movement and feelings in your thumb and the first three fingers (not in a little finger).

Symptoms of the Tunnel syndrome:

The tunnel syndrome of a wrist can become the reason of a pricking, numbness, weakness or finger pain or a brush. Some people can feel hand pain from an elbow to a brush.

Symptoms most often arise in a thumb, an index finger and a long finger and a half of a ring finger. If you have problems with other fingers, but with your little finger everything is all right, it can be a sign that you have a tunnel syndrome of a wrist. On a ring finger and a little finger other nerve gives feelings.

Perhaps, for the first time you will notice syndromes at night. You can lighten if you shake by a hand.

Reasons of the Tunnel syndrome:

Pressure upon a median nerve is the reason of a tunnel syndrome of a wrist. This pressure can come from a swelling or something that reduces the channel of a wrist. What can lead to development of a tunnel syndrome of a wrist is provided below:

    * Diseases, such as hypothyroidism, pseudorheumatism, and diabetes.
    * Pregnancy.
    * Obesity.
    * The identical repeating movements by hands, especially if the wrist is bent down (your hands are below your wrists), or the identical repeating movements by a wrist.
    * Injuries of a wrist and bone outgrowths.
    * Smoking as as a result can will decrease a blood flow to a median nerve.

Развитие туннельного синдрома

Development of a tunnel syndrome

Treatment of the Tunnel syndrome:

Insignificant symptoms can usually be treated in house conditions. The earlier you will begin treatment, the more at you will be chances to stop symptoms and to prevent irreversible injury of a nerve.

To help the brush and a wrist to be recovered, you can make houses the following:

      To stop being engaged in what causes numbness and pain. To give more long rest to the wrist between activity changes.
      To put ice to a wrist from 10 to 15 minutes of 1 - 2 time a day. For pain relief and reduction of puffiness, try to accept non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
      Put on for the night a cuff for a wrist to keep a wrist in neutral situation. It will take off pressure of your median nerve. Your wrist is in neutral situation when it equal or is slightly bent. An example of neutral position of a wrist – when you hold a glass of water.

If your symptoms did not improve after 1-2 weeks house goings or your symptoms from the very beginning rather serious – visit the doctor. Perhaps, you need drugs for treatment of a syndrome of the channel of a wrist or for treatment of that problem with health which was the reason of a syndrome of the channel of a wrist.

As the option is considered surgical intervention. But usually it is applied only when symptoms so heavy that you cannot work or do homework even after 3 - 12 months of other ways of treatment.

During operation, the doctor cuts a linking from above of the channel of a wrist. It leads to increase in the channel and release of pressure at a nerve. Surgical intervention is usually intended for relief of symptoms. But, in certain cases, it does not eliminate completely such side effects as numbness and pain.

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