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Neuropathy of a fibular nerve


The general fibular nerve or its branches, tibial nerve can be surprised at the level of a head of a fibular bone. The compression arises at the wrong position of an extremity, in particular, of streets which like to sit, having thrown a leg on a leg.

Symptoms of Neuropathy of a fibular nerve:

Clinically damage of the general fibular nerve is shown by weakness of a back sgibatel of foot, the turn of foot of a knaruzha is weakened. Numbness of an outside surface of a shin and foot is noted. Patients go, splashing foot. Sensitivity in the field of the outside surface of a shin and foot is reduced. Defeat of front branches of a tibial nerve leads to weakness of bending of foot and fingers. This nerve can be restrained in the place of its passing behind an internal anklebone, and also on foot in a zone of the tarsal channel. There are pain, a pricking along a sole and the basis of fingers of foot, numbness in this area. The medial or lateral branch of a bottom nerve can be involved in process. At on a razheniya перво й unpleasant feelings in a medial part of foot are noted, at defeat of the second – on a side surface of foot. There are also disorders of sensitivity in a medial or outside surface of foot.

Положение стопы при нейропатии малоберцового нерва

The provision of foot at neuropathy of a fibular nerve

Reasons of Neuropathy of a fibular nerve:

Pathogenetic factors are the diabetes mellitus, a disproteinemia, a vasculitis, etc.

Treatment of Neuropathy of a fibular nerve:

Surgical treatment of tunnel syndromes. In the absence of effect of physiotherapeutic treatment, blockade, local administration of hormones there are indications for a surgical decompression of the squeezed nerve.

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