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Occipital neuralgia


Occipital neuralgia is the frequent reason of a headache. At this disease two pairs of nerves which proceed in the field of the second and third cervical vertebrae – occipital nerves suffer. Usually pain begins in occipital area and can give in side and a front part of the head, and also to eyes.

Symptoms of Occipital neuralgia:

The main symptom is constant pain in a zone of an innervation is more often than one, is more rare than several  nerves. Most often occipitalis major nerve innervating occipital area of the head is surprised, is more rare — occipitalis minor nerve innervating skin of a lateral part of a nape. When involving in process of a nerve of auricularis magnus pain is perceived in an auricle and outside acoustical pass. The attack of pain amplifies during the sneezing and cough, the movements of the head, sometimes irradiates in over - and subclavial area, is more rare a face and a shovel. The head is in forced situation — is a little inclined towards the affected nerve. In a zone of an innervation of the affected nerves the hyperesthesia of all types of sensitivity, and also painful points on the course of nerves is noted.

Reasons of Occipital neuralgia:

In an etiology of this type of neuralgia the infection, intoxication, changes in cervical department of a rachis (the deforming spondylosis, a spondylarthrosis), a tubercular spondylitis, a tumor or a pseudoneoplasm of cervical department of a spinal cord and a back cranial pole, a craniospinal tumor, a pachymeningitis of cervical department, an aneurysm of a vertebral artery, an idiopathic hypertensia, especially with disgemichesky frustration in the vertebro-basilar vascular pool play a role. Because pain at occipital neuralgia carries constant, but not paroksimalny character and is often connected with rachis pathology, some authors carry this symptom as well as pain at intercostal neuralgia, to slerotomny pain.

Treatment of Occipital neuralgia:

Treatment of a basic disease, use of symptomatic means. It is recommended sanatorium куртное treatment in sanatoria with a medical profile: treatment of a nervous system.

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