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Neuralgia (from other - Greek   — "a vein, a nerve" +   — "pain") — the defeat of peripheral nerves which is characterized by pain attacks in a zone of an innervation of any nerve. Unlike neuritis, at neuralgia there are no motive disturbances and loss of sensitivity, and in the affected nerve there are no structural changes. Neuralgia develops preferential in the nerves passing in narrow channels and openings.

Neuralgia symptoms:

The most frequent type of neuralgia — defeat of a trifacial, meets neuralgia big or small occipital, glossopalatine nerves less often, etc.

    * An epileptiform neuralgia — the type of neuralgia formed as a result of injuries of the person, an inflammation of bosoms of a nose, painful teeth or malocclusion. The pain attack at such type of neuralgia can arise any minute. Pain can appear from behind hot or cold food, a loud sound, bright light, during toothbrushing. If the patient touches a nose tip, to a gum or an upper lip — it can also cause in it a pain attack. The itch of face skin and feeling of goosebumps signal about the beginning of an attack. Then there is sharp pain which proceeds several minutes. During an attack of an epileptiform neuralgia of the patient cannot even open companies from pain.
    * At intercostal neuralgia the patient has a severe pain in edges. This pain amplifies at cough or sneezing. Most often this type of neuralgia appears after osteochondrosis of chest department of a backbone.
    * Neuralgia of an outside cutaneous nerve of a hip is followed by pain in the field of an outside part of a hip. During such disease of the patient feels skin burning and numbness. The attack amplifies at any movement of the patient.
    * Neuralgia of a pterygopalatine node most often arises suddenly, at night days. The attack can last from the 2nd – 3 hours up to two weeks. All this time of the patient feels very severe pain of the sky, temples, eyes, necks. In certain cases pain passes even to hands.
    * Neuralgia of a glossopharyngeal nerve. This type of neuralgia meets very seldom. The first signs of an attack are throat pain which extends to an ear and a mandible.
    * At neuralgia of an occipital nerve of the patient feels pain from a nape to temples, and also in eyes. The movements during an attack can cause even vomiting of the patient.

Pains at neuralgia have pristupoobrazny character, are followed by vegetovascular disturbances (reddening of integuments, dacryagogue, etc.), and sometimes — a painful tic — local myotonia. In other cases, pains become continuous and pass only after anesthetic reception.

Neuralgia reasons:

Diseases of the nerve, neuroplexes, diseases of a backbone or the pathological processes developing in the fabrics and bodies lying near a nerve as a result of injuries, an infection (flu, etc.), sharp overcoolings, etc. can be the cause of neuralgia.

Treatment of Neuralgia:

At secondary neuralgia — therapy of a basic disease; at primary — novocaine injections, group B vitamins, locally — апикаин, physiotherapeutic treatment. The explicit result in treatment of neuralgia is yielded by use of the laser, acupuncture, impulse currents, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, ultrasound, infrared and ultraviolet radiation. When neither drugs, nor physiotherapy help, resort to surgical intervention.

Specific remedy for an epileptiform neuralgia — anticonvulsant drugs. The last often are the only effective analgeziruyushchy remedy. Usually use carbamazepine drugs. Treatment takes place is long, before complete cessation of symptoms.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Neuralgia:

  • Препарат Комбилипен®.


    Polyvitaminic means.

    JSC Pharmstandart Russia


  • Препарат Диклофенак.


    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NPVP)

    JSC Biokhimik Republic of Mordovia


  • Препарат Ибупрофен.


    Nonsteroid anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic drugs. Derivatives of propionic acid.

    JSC Borisovsky Plant of Medical Supplies Republic of Belarus


  • Препарат НУРОФЕН® (Таблетки).

    НУРОФЕН® (Tablets)

    Nonsteroid anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic drugs (NPVS).

    Reckitt Benckiser healthcare international Ltd. Great Britain

  • Препарат Флексен свечи.

    Fleksen of a candle

    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NPVP).

    Italfarmaco (Italfarmako) Italy


  • Препарат Ибуфен.


    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NPVP).

    JSC Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant AKRIKHIN Russia

  • Препарат Комплекс В1В6В12 р-р для инъекций №5.

    The B1B6B12 complex solution for No. injections

    The means influencing the alimentary system and metabolic processes.

    CJSC Lekhim-Kharkiv Ukraine


  • Препарат Фламакс®.


    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NPVP).

    CJSC Pharmfirma Soteks Russia


  • Препарат Параскофен.


    Analgetics and antipyretics.

    RUP of Belmedpreparata Republic of Belarus

  • Препарат Бофен.


    The means influencing a musculoskeletal system.

    HFZ CJSC NPTs Borshchagovsky Ukraina

  • Препарат Витаксон.


    Combination vitamins B with various substances.

    JSC Pharmak Ukraine


  • Препарат Кетотоп.


    Nonsteroid anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic drugs. Derivatives of propionic acid.

    JSC Himfarm Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Препарат Флексен ампулы.

    Fleksen of an ampoule

    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NPVP).

    Italfarmaco (Italfarmako) Italy

  • Препарат Гепатромбин С.

    Gepatrombin With

    Drug with the antitrombotichesky and improving an angenesis action.

    Hemofarm, A.D. (A.D. Hemofarm) Serbia

  • Препарат Живокоста (окопника) мазь.

    Zhivokosta (comfrey) ointment

    Drugs for topical administration at joint and muscular pain.

    "Vishpha" Ukraine

  • Препарат Амитриптилин.



    CJSC ZIO-Zdorovye Russia


  • Препарат Карбамазепин .


    Antiepileptic means.

    JSC Sintez Russia

  • Препарат БориВит.


    B1 vitamin and its combination with B6 and B12 vitamins.

    JSC Borisovsky Plant of Medical Supplies Republic of Belarus




    The means influencing the alimentary system and metabolic processes.

    CIAO Biofarm Ukraine

  • Препарат Анальгин свечи 0,1 ; 0,25 №10 д/детей.

    Analginum of a candle 0,1; 0,25 No. 10 for children

    The means operating on a nervous system.

    CJSC Lekhim-Kharkiv Ukraine


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