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Scrotum cancer


Cancer of a scrotum meets a little more often than small egg cancer. At this disease speed of innidiation in inguinal lymph nodes is noted.

Scrotum cancer reasons:

Scrotum cancer almost always arises owing to germination in skin of a scrotum of tumors from other generative organs. Malignant tumors of a penis, a small egg, epididymis and prostate belong to the most typical oncological diseases leading to development of cancer of a scrotum.

Scrotum cancer symptoms:

Sometimes in the presence of new growths the man feels pain or heavy feeling in a scrotum, especially when pressing the found tumor. And still in most cases at an early stage cancer and other types of tumors are absolutely painless. The less the disease disturbs, the more it has to please the patient who found in himself his signs: lack of bright symptoms demonstrates that process is not started and the disease is curable.


Any suspicious education in a scrotum can be tested independently to gain a superficial impression about its nature. For this purpose it is necessary to stock up with a small lamp, it is the best of all the supplied red light filter. In a bathroom where self-survey is carried out, the light is turned off. The man includes a small lamp, having it behind a scrotum. If fabrics of a scrotum appear through everywhere, except area of testicles, then the swelling is an edema of covers of a small egg (gidrotsela) or a cyst of a seed cord, that is rather harmless disease.

The patient has to know that at benign and malignant tumors similar treatment is often appointed in many respects. It becomes because the medicine in certain cases has no opportunity to learn for certain, the benign tumor is close to malignant regeneration or not. Besides, some forms of cancer are capable to mask under benign tumors. Therefore so far the oncologist will have no full confidence in inoffensiveness of a new growth, he treats a disease as though it was cancer. The man should not panic about it.

Cancer therapy of a scrotum:

The treatment combined: an operative measure in all cases is combined with radiation therapy. In mild cases when only the small site of skin is struck, this site and healthy skin around it is removed. At spread of a tumor from the struck party on healthy the scrotum is removed completely.

Upon completion of surgical treatment the remote malignant tumor is exposed to careful inspection during which its category is determined by the international classification of TNM which is guided by the theory of four-phasic development of cancer by the doctor. By scientists it is established that in development of any oncological disease it is possible to allocate 4 stages which are characterized by a certain size of a tumor (it is expressed through the T symbol), extent of damage of lymph nodes (N) and extent of innidiation (M).

In total 4 main signs for T, 4 signs for N and 2 signs for M which combinations give 32 categories of cancer on the TNM system are allocated. Along with the main there are accessory signs which are designated at record of category special symbols.

It is necessary to classify a disease by this system to estimate efficiency of the undertaken treatment. For example, if the tumor had the size less than 2 cm (T1), then for the next 10 years to risk repeatedly to develop cancer only 20% cured are exposed. If the tumor size the same, but is noted its deep germination in surrounding fabrics (T2), then for the same period about 40% operated are exposed to risk.

When the tumor has the sizes about 2-5 cm or even more and burgeons in body so that seriously deforms or displaces its fabrics (T3), it is necessary to carry 60-80% of the people who underwent treatment to risk group. At the large tumor burgeoning in the next bodies (T4), nearly 95% cured risk to develop repeatedly in the next 10 years cancer.

The condition of the patient depends not only on activity of an initial tumor, but also on a condition of lymphatic system therefore the statistics is influenced by value N. Damage of lymph nodes always worsens results of treatment: at N1 - twice, at N2 - by 4 times, at N3 - by 8 times. Naturally, treatment of the patients belonging to different risk groups will be various.

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