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Frontal sinusitis


Frontal sinusitis – an inflammation of a frontal sinus, one of sinusitis forms. The inflammation of other okolonosovy bosoms proceeds much heavier, than. The insufficient drainage of a frontal sinus caused by a hypertrophy of an average nasal sink, a curvature of a nasal partition promotes transition of an acute frontal sinusitis to chronic.

Frontal sinusitis symptoms:

Disturbance of nasal breath and allocation from the corresponding half of a nose are clinically noted pain in a forehead, especially in the mornings. Pain, quite often intolerable, neuralgic character gets. In hard cases eye pain, a photophobia and disturbance of sense of smell are observed.

The headache abates after emptying of a bosom and renews in process of difficulty of outflow of its contents. At an acute influenzal frontal sinusitis body temperature is increased, skin color over a bosom is sometimes changed, there are a swelling and puffiness in a forehead and an upper eyelid. The palpation and percussion of a front wall and area of a verkhnevnutrenny corner of an eye-socket are painful.

Frontal sinusitis reasons:

    * rhinitis (cold) - infectious or allergic,
    * a curvature of a nasal partition (inborn or acquired)
    * difficulty of nasal breath owing to a hypertrophy of nasal sinks, adenoides (at children);
    * existence in an organism of the centers of persistent infection (for example, staphylococcus);
    * immunity easing.

Treatment of the Frontal sinusitis:

Treatment at an acute frontal sinusitis conservative. Outflow separated from a bosom is provided with repeated greasings of a mucous membrane of the average nasal course vasoconstrictors or their instillation in a nose. In the first days of a disease the bed rest, reception of acetylsalicylic acid, analginum, aerosol inhalation of antibiotics, physical therapy are recommended (warming up by a blue incandescent bulb, соллюкс, UVCh-therapy). In hard cases intramuscular use of antibiotics is shown. At a chronic frontal sinusitis, in cases of unsuccessful use of conservative methods of treatment, an operative measure can be shown.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Frontal sinusitis:

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