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Liver heart attack


Liver heart attack - sudden dying off of a part of a liver in connection with the termination of its blood supply. The heart attack of a liver develops seldom in connection with existence of its double blood supply (a hepatic artery + a portal vein). The hypochondrium is clinically shown by an acute pain in right.

Liver heart attack reasons:

The heart attack of a liver is, as a rule, caused by thrombosis of a portal vein which arises at chronic dekompensirovanny heart failure, a pylephlebitis, oncological diseases, cirrhosis, a pancreatonecrosis, etc.

Liver heart attack symptoms:

Depends on localization and the extent of thrombosis of a portal vein, speed of its development and the nature of the contributing liver disease. It is shown by bleeding from varicose veins of a gullet which is transferred rather well as at many patients of function of hepatocytes are kept. Increase in a spleen, especially at children is characteristic. Disturbances of a blood-groove on mesenteric veins cause paralytic impassability of intestines (an abdominal pain, its inflation, lack of a vermicular movement). The heart attack of intestines and the subsequent purulent peritonitis can become a result of mesenteric thrombosis. At a purulent pylephlebitis there are symptoms of abscesses of a liver (repeated tremendous oznoba, morbidity at a palpation of the increased liver on which surface probe nodes, abscesses).


Ultrasonography registers the symptoms of portal hypertensia which are combined with a normal biopsy, increase in fibrinogen and PTI, reduction of VSK, an angiography of vessels of a liver, KT and ultrasonography of a liver.
On ultrasonography at a heart attack of a liver the center of low echogenicity which, as a rule, triangular type, located on the body periphery, well delimited from normal fabric takes place.

Treatment of a heart attack of a liver:

Treatment of a heart attack of a liver directly depends on the reason which caused it.

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