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Baker's cyst


Baker (Becker's) cyst or cyst of a popliteal space  is the high-quality education anatomically connected with a cavity of a knee joint, filled with liquid. Baker (Becker's) cyst is result of inflammatory process of mucous intertendinous bags of muscles. At an inflammation in a knee joint formation of joint inflammatory liquid increases. Excess of this liquid from a cavity of a joint gets to the subnodal area

Киста Бейкера

Baker's cyst

Reasons of a cyst of Baker:

Inflammatory diseases of the most knee joint are the reason of development of an inflammation: osteoarthritis, pseudorheumatism, arthrosis, damage of cartilaginous tissue, injury of a knee joint, excessive exercise stresses. Mucous tendinous bags have communication with a cavity of a knee joint through a narrow slit-like opening. At inflammations of an internal cover of a knee joint inflammatory liquid from a cavity of a joint gets to a bag, collects there and causes development of a disease. Happens that Baker's cyst arises for no reason at all.

Symptoms of a cyst of Baker:

Baker's cyst represents dense education in a popliteal space. At palpation morbidity is felt. It can grow, causing pain and disturbance of movements in knee joints. There can be a numbness or a pricking in soles of feet due to squeezing of a tibial nerve. If veins are corked, it leads to pain in gastrocnemius muscles.

Treatment of a cyst of Baker:

Treatment of a cyst of Baker can be conservative, but is much more often and more effective - operational (removal of a cyst).

For the solution of a question of tactics of treatment it is necessary to address the orthopedist or the surgeon.

Conservative treatment consists in performance of a puncture of a cyst by a thick needle, suction of its contents by the syringe and the subsequent introduction to her cavity of steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (a hydrocortisone, Kenalogum, дипроспан and др).
Conservative therapy not always yields positive result. After a puncture of a cyst and removal of contents, as a rule, the cyst recurs.

At inflammatory diseases of a knee joint treatment of a basic disease is carried out.
Antiinflammatory tablets, ointments, compresses, physiotherapy, medicinal blockade are applied (pricks in a joint with drugs of a hormonal row).

Indications to operational treatment are the big sizes of a cyst, restriction of function of a knee joint (bending), a prelum of a subnodal neurovascular bunch, recurrent synovites, and also unsuccessfulness of conservative treatment.

Operational treatment of a cyst of Baker consists in excision of a cyst.
Operation lasts about 20 minutes, is more often carried out under local (more rare conduction) anesthesia.
After operation the patient is in a hospital no more than 3-5 hours.
Full walking is allowed in 5-7 days after operation.
Seams are removed for 7-10 days after operation. It is possible to come to work for 7-10 day.
In the postoperative period impose gypsum or a pressure bandage.

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