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Cross myelitis


Cross myelitis - the inflammatory damage of a spinal cord involving both gray, and its white matter at the level of one or several adjacent segments.

Symptoms of the Cross myelitis:

Cross myelitis - an acute or subacute not recurrent inflammatory disease of a spinal cord. The disease begins with neck pain or a dorsodynia after which paresthesia or anesthesia, paresis and disturbances of functions of pelvic bodies develop. Frustration progress within several hours or days. Disease severity happens various - from easy disturbances of sensitivity before crushing cross damage of a spinal cord. Perhaps selective damage of back cords, front spinotalamichesky ways or half of diameter of a spinal cord. Dizesteziya can appear at first in one foot, and then symmetric or asymmetric extend on legs up. The similar picture is observed at a syndrome to Giyena-Barra, however as soon as on a trunk there is a clear boundary of sensitive frustration, the diagnosis of a cross myelitis becomes obvious. At the beginning of a disease because of spinal shock reflexes vanish in hard cases, but the hyperreflexia soon develops. Persistent sluggish paralysis means a necrosis of several segments of a spinal cord.

Reasons of the Cross myelitis:

The cross myelitis develops in 40% of cases after an infection (flu, measles, chicken pox, a rubella, epidemic parotitis, the infection caused by Epstein-Barre's virus, a cytomegalovirus and mycoplasmas) or vaccination. The same as acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, a cross myelitis often begins during recovery after an infection, and it is not possible to allocate activators from a nervous system. It confirms the assumption that the cross myelitis is caused by the autoimmune reaction arising in response to an infection, but not direct operation of the activator on a spinal cord.
The cross myelitis can be the first display of multiple sclerosis. In such cases the beginning of a disease is usually not preceded by an infection or vaccination.

Treatment of the Cross myelitis:

Pathogenetic treatment of a disease is possible only at secondary process. For example, at pathology of a disk various options of physical therapy, chiropractic, in certain cases surgical treatment are used. At tumoral defeat surgical, beam and chemotherapeutic treatment of primary center or metastasis which caused the myelitis phenomena is carried out. The Israeli medicine carries out the most difficult backbone and spinal cord operations leading to positive takes.

At an idiopathic form of a disease for suppression of immune system steroid drugs and anesthetics are appointed. Various physical therapy in the form of electroneurostimulation, infrared and other electromagnetic influences, special hardware massages of extremities, a hyperthermia of certain sites, acupuncture, a magnetic acupressure is carried out.

A third of patients is recovered almost completely, a third remains with the expressed problems, and a third practically has no effect. But the researches which are conducted in the world give hope for further increase in efficiency of treatment of a number of neurologic diseases, including, a cross myelitis.

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