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Abrasive prekankrozny cheilitis


Pathology received the name because for the first time it was very in detail described in 1933 by the dermatologist Manganotti. This doctor noticed that at such patients the cheilitis is shown generally in the form of emergence of defects of skin on a red border of lips therefore over time process is almost always transformed to lip cancer. Generally the under lip is surprised. As well as all tumoral malignant diseases, an abrasive prekankrozny cheilitis most often develops at advanced age - about 60 years. Males are ill generally.

Reasons of an abrasive prekankrozny cheilitis:

Disturbances of exchange processes in skin and a mucous membrane of lips are the cornerstone of the pathological processes developing at a disease. As a result the atrophy develops. In a kayochestvo of the contributing factor dedentition at elderly people, carrying prostheses is. But these factors only contribute to development of pathology, emergence of directly pathological changes requires existence of other sort of factors, so-called starting. Carry direct sunshine, odyonomomentny or continuous traumatizing skin of lips to them. In development of a disease the lack of an organism of vitamin A, disturbance from system of digestion can play a supporting role.

Symptoms of an abrasive prekankrozny cheilitis:

Manifestations of a cheilitis of Manganotti differ in quite broad variety. In typical cases the centers of defeat have an appearance of defects small first in the field of a red border of lips which have the rounded or oval shape, sometimes wrong. Surface their equal, smooth, as if polished. It has bright red color. A part of patients on a surface of defects has thin layers from the remained skin cells in the form of thin plenochek.

Often the center can become covered by crusts. If to remove them with the pallet, then it is possible to get bleeding. It is interesting that when traumatizing defects on which crusts are absent bleeding never happens. Defects are located on almost not changed skin, hypostasis and its consolidation practically never comes to light. Sometimes the specified centers arise against the background of erubescence spots which are manifestations of inflammatory reactions. At the same time the site of reddening extends out of defect limits on some radius. Sometimes inflammatory reactions are expressed very much considerably, in these cases all red border of the affected lip accepts bright red coloring. There is dense hypostasis. A sign, characteristic of the considered pathology, is that inflammatory processes most often quite unstable, they can appear, and then quickly disappear. It is not observed practically at adenomas a disease of skin of inflammatory character. The quantity of the centers of defeat most often small also fluctuates from 2 to 3. Their bigger number meets extremely seldom. The defects arising on a red border of lips quickly begin to live and become covered by normal skin. However they arise on the same or in other place again. They are more rare can not heal for a long time.

During a disease all new centers appear and disappear. Further, in the absence of adequate treatment, there can be a transformation of educations in lip cancer.

Абразивный преканкрозный хейлит Манганотти

Abrasive prekankrozny cheilitis of Manganotti


It is quite simple to make the correct diagnosis, being based only on data of external survey of the patient. In doubtful cases it is necessary to take smears and scrapings from area of the pathological centers on a lip and to make their research under a microscope. Erosive forms of a system lupus erythematosus can be the diseases reminding an abrasive prekankrozny kind of a cheilitis on the external manifestations, red flat depriving also of a leukoplakia, pemphiguses, a mnogoformny exudative erythema, herpetic damage of skin.

Treatment of an abrasive prekankrozny cheilitis:

Nakozhno locally uses various lekaryostvenny drugs which promote processes of a zazhiyovleniye of skin. If there is pathology from pishchevariyotelny system, the accompanying glandulyarny cheilitis or a meteorological kind of a cheilitis, then the main thing usloyoviy is their therapy. If in an oral cavity there are centers of a chronic inflammation, then they have to be by all means eliminated. It is necessary at loss of teeth correctly and to timely establish dentures.

By the only method of treatment of a cheilitis of Manganotti, spoyosobstvuyushchy to almost absolute recovery, surgery is. However it is shown толь­ко when on site pathological process there was no development of a cancer tumor yet. It is established previously by means of a research of material, poluyochenny from the patient, under a microscope. Operational treatment is not an emergency measure; before its carrying out most often the patient within 2-3 months receives medikamentozyony therapy which as if prepares the pathological center. Apply strong solution of vitamin A, vitamin P. Also the drugs promoting improvement of a blood-groove in small vessels are appointed.

Nakozhno is locally applied by vitamin A solutions in the form of applications. Ointments with drugs of hormones of a koyora of adrenal glands, cytostatics, drugs, sposobyostvuyushchy to healing of skin are used.

If at microscopic examination of scraping from the pathological center cancer cells are revealed, then operation is a measure of the emergency treatment and there has to be a vyyopolnena in shorter terms. Not only the pathological centers, but also a quantity of surrounding fabric udayolyatsya quickly that is a predostoyorozhnost measure concerning spread of a tumor.


It is favorable, but only when treatment was svoyeyovremenno carried out and there was no malignant tumor razviyoty yet.


Such patients have to preserve very carefully a sore lip against any, even the most neznachiyotelny traumatizing. It is necessary to spend also less time under sunshine. The large role is played by the correct denture treatment. All specified measures otyonositsya not only to patients, but also to the persons of an elderly vozrayost having the contributing factors.

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