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Pancreas pseudocyst


Pseudocysts of a pancreas  represent the sacks filled with liquid in a stomach which may contain pancreas tissues, enzymes of a pancreas and blood.

Pancreas Pseudocyst symptoms:

Symptoms can arise during from several days to several months after a pancreatitis attack, and include:

    * Abdominal distention
    * Constant pain or a deep abdominal pain which can be also felt in spin
    * Difficulties in the use and digestion of food

Tests which can help to diagnose pancreatic pseudocysts include:

    * Belly KT
    * MRT of an abdominal cavity
    * Ultrasonography of an abdominal cavity

Псевдокиста поджелудочной железы и жидкость в сальниковой сумке.

Pseudocyst of a pancreas and liquid in an omental bursa.

Pancreas Pseudocyst reasons:

The pancreas is body, located behind a stomach which produces chemicals (so-called enzymes) necessary for digestion of food. It also produces hormones, insulin and a glucagon. Pancreas pseudocysts most often develops after an episode of heavy, acute pancreatitis. Pancreas pseudocysts zhelezyostry pancreatitis is sudden hypostasis (inflammation) of a pancreas. Pseudocysts of a pancreas can happen at the person to chronic pancreatitis. It can also occur after a stomach injury, is more often at children.

Treatment of the Pseudocyst of a pancreas:

Treatment depends on the size of a pseudocyst and on symptoms. Many pseudocysts leave in itself. Those which remain within more than 6 weeks and more than 5 cm in the diameter, often need treatment.

Possible treatment includes:

    * A drainage through skin by means of a needle, as a rule.
    * Endoscopy.
    * Surgical drainage of a pseudocyst.


Result, as a rule, good. It is important to be convinced that it is not a pancreatic cancer which begins in a cyst.

Possible complications

    * Abscess of a pancreas can develop if pseudocysts become infected.
    * Pseudocysts can become torn and cause serious complications.
    * Pseudocysts can press on nearby bodies.

The rupture of a pseudocyst is emergency situation. You ring acute management if you develop symptoms of bleeding or shock, such as:

    * Syncope
    * Fever and fever
    * Cardiopalmus
    * Severe pain in a stomach

The way of prevention of pseudocysts of a pancreas is prevention of pancreatitis. If pancreatitis is caused by stones in a gall bladder, as a rule, it is necessary to remove a gall bladder.

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