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Asbestosis - an eurysynusic type of the fibrosis of tissue of lungs caused by asbestos dust inhalation.

Asbestosis reasons:

Ways, fibers of asbestos settle deeply in lungs, causing fibrosis. Inhalation of dust of asbestos can cause a pleura thickening - the two-layer cover covering lungs.

At the people working with asbestos, the increased risk of a course of a disease of lungs. It, though to a lesser extent, concerns also to workers who demolish buildings where there is an isolation containing asbestos. The more the person contacts to asbestos fibers, the risk of development of asbestosis is higher.

Asbestos influences not only the persons who are directly contacting to it. The painters, electricians working near those who deal with insulating materials at shipbuilding plants, and also the wives of workers washing overalls of husbands can get sick with asbestosis. The general influence is possible during the work with the materials containing asbestos sprayed on steel beams in many big structures to warn them a deflection at the fire. Separate cases were registered among living in the neighbourhood with the asbestos plant in London, and also near asbestos mines in South Africa.

Asbestos for the first time began to be used widely in the forties the real century. Since its 1975 began to replace with fiber glass or slag cotton wool. Asbestos causes generally fibrosis (asbestosis) of a lung, cancer of airways, pleurae and sometimes peritoneums.

Asbestosis symptoms:

Patients complain of short wind, cough, stethalgias, anorexia, weakness, increased fatigue. The disease usually slowly develops: its first symptoms appear not earlier than in 3-5 years after the beginning of work in the conditions of influence of asbestos dust. At physical inspection signs of a diffusion pneumosclerosis with emphysema of lungs come to light.

At a phlegm research often find asbestos little bodies or fibers, however in itself they are only the evidence of the inhalation of dust taking place and do not give the grounds for the diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis. Serious diagnostic value has detection of accumulations of radially located asbestos little bodies.

On roentgenograms of lungs (it is preferential in the lower and average parts) gentle diffusion netting and a small yacheistost are defined. Small knots are localized in lower parts of lungs. Quite often find pleural unions.

Asbestosis often is complicated by the pneumonia which is quite often leading to formation of bronchiectasias. In  far come cases asbestosis can result in right ventricular insufficiency because of a pulmonary and cordial syndrome. The question of interrelation between asbestosis and a pulmonary tuberculosis is finally not solved. Most of researchers consider that asbestos dust promotes activation of tubercular process.

Асбестоз (рентгенограмма легких)

Asbestosis (roentgenogram of lungs)

Treatment of asbestosis:

Specific treatment does not exist. Carry out only the supporting treatment by the same principle, as at diffusion intersticial fibrosis of any other etiology. Generally again diagnosed disease can be caused by influence of asbestos several years prior to its manifestation and in spite of the fact that the patient does not work in this industry any more.

As now security measures are at the high level, at least, theoretically, it is not necessary to advise workers to stop the activity. Contrary to it as smoking at asbestosis increases risk of development of lung cancer, it is extremely important to patient to get rid of this addiction.

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