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Pneumatosis intestinalis


Pneumatosis intestinalis — formation of air cysts in a gut wall. The pneumatosis is formed more often in a wall of a small bowel.

Pneumatosis intestinalis reasons:

The reason of a pneumatosis is not established, but it is supposed that excess accumulation in a gleam of a gut of the gases which are released as a result of bacterial fermentation of sugars is the cornerstone of process. These gases under the influence of the increased intra intestinal pressure and the changed permeability of a mucous membrane get into a gut wall.

Pneumatosis intestinalis symptoms:

The clinical picture is characterized by ponosa, resistant to usual therapy. Disturb also the meteorism, abdominal pains connected with disturbances of a vermicular movement. At massive cysts there can be symptoms of impassability of intestines. The pneumatosis intestinalis is established by means of X-ray inspection at which on a gut contour the air bubbles located on the course of an intestinal loop usually come to light. As a result of merge of many small cysts the big gas bubble capable to close a gleam of a gut can be formed and to cause a picture of acute intestinal impassability. The differential diagnosis at a pneumatosis intestinalis is carried out from intestines duplikatura. In case of development of intestinal impassability the differential diagnosis is carried out with a tumor, commissural process and other diseases.

Эндоскопическое исследование при пневматозе кишечника

Endoscopic research at a pneumatosis intestinalis

Treatment of the Pneumatosis intestinalis:

Treatment has to be directed to recovery of the lowered gut tone (cerucal, препульсид), recovery of an eubioz of intestines. For reduction of fermentative processes it is recommended to reduce amount of carbohydrates in a diet. Oxygen inhalations under the influence of which there can occur bystry improvement or even recovery can render good effect. Also surgical treatment — a resection of an affected area of a gut is possible. Forecast in most cases favorable.

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