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Crypts are the deepenings located on all circle of an anus on its border with a rectum. As crypts represent the blind pockets opened towards to the direction of the movement of fecal masses, they are ideal "trap" for particles a calla, microbes, dense and acute small foreign bodys. As neither crypts, nor proctal glands and channels are supplied with the sokratitelny device, they cannot be exempted from the contents which overflowed them or the injuring foreign body and, finally, inflame and suppurate.

Cryptitis symptoms:

The main manifestations of a cryptitis are the pain in an anus amplifying at defecation and feeling of discomfort, burning, feeling of a foreign body in a rectum are sometimes noted. Emergence of blood in the form of impurity to Kalou is frequent too. In the presence of purulent discharges the itch of perianal area is noted. Fervescence, as a rule, is not noted.

If in the acute period the factor which led to developing of a disease is eliminated — the drainage of a crypt and proctal glands is adjusted — there occurs recovery. In some cases inflammatory process can extend to the next crypts and overlying departments of a rectum. Most often process flows wavy: the inflammation in a crypt abates, but under unfavorable conditions repeats again.

Cryptitis reasons:

Hit of intestinal contents in crypts — the phenomenon absolutely normal, usually it is well emptied and if channels of proctal glands are passable, their secret helps to create a barrier to penetration of microbic flora into deeper layers.

In some cases normal process can be broken.

To it traumatization of walls of a crypt firm components a calla (stones, a peel of sunflower seeds, pieces of bran, bristles and so forth) brings most often, bad drainage of a crypt (because of hit into it firm lumps, hypostasis of a mucous membrane at diarrhea), and also obturation of channels of proctal glands.

So any disturbance of process of rectum emptying, any most minimum injury can lead to inflammatory changes in the crypt, and at disturbance of activity of proctal glands, obstruction of their gleam inflammatory process can extend to deeper layers of an intestinal wall and to become the paraproctitis reason.

Treatment of the Cryptitis:

The uncomplicated cryptitis is treated conservatively. The diet with an exception salty, acute, spirits is appointed. Food has to be rather volume to avoid a delay of a chair, low-fat and with good culinary processing. Laxatives should not be used, at a lock it is better to clear a rectum by means of an enema. Reception of laxatives leads to fluidifying of intestinal contents, the multimoment act of defecation that promotes irritation and hypostasis of a mucous membrane of a rectum.

It is necessary to carry out hygienic actions carefully: sedentary bathtubs with slaborozovy solution of potassium permanganate with the water temperature of 37 — 38 °C on 10 — 15 min., obligatory podmyvaniye of area of an anus after defecation, for the night within 7 — 10 days of a microclyster of 30 — 40 ml from 0,3% colloid silver solution. Rectal candles are appointed.

At unsuccessfulness of conservative treatment usually there are complications in the form of an acute paraproctitis or incomplete fistula of a rectum forms. And in that and other case treatment surgical. Surgical treatment is shown also at a chronic cryptitis. Gabriel's operation with simultaneous excision of a nipple and the subject crypt is performed. Gabriel's operation represents full excision of an anal fissure with the triangular site of skin surrounding a crack.

The forecast at an acute cryptitis in case of emptying of crypts abscesses in a gut gleam favorable. It is important to exclude after that all factors provoking a repeated inflammation or transition of acute process to chronic. Need timely and correctly carried out treatment of an acute cryptitis is underlined by such statements: "a source of almost all infectious diseases of a perianal and anorectal zone is the struck crypt", the cryptitis can be called "the greatest small disease in a proctology".

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