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Ganglionic cyst


The ganglionic cyst is a high-quality new growth which often appears on joints or sinews or in the neighbourhood with them on hands, including hands, and legs. They are the most usual reason of emergence of consolidations on hands above, on the lower extremities they most often appear on ступнях and an ankle.

Symptoms of a ganglionic cyst:

Ganglionic cysts are generally develop at women aged from 20 up to 40 years, but they can arise also at men and women of any age. They often appear on hands or wrists, but can be shown and standing, elbows and knees. These cysts are harmless, they are filled with liquid and usually of the size of a pea. Unlike tumors or other new growths, they shine when light goes to them.

Treatment of a ganglionic cyst:

Ganglionic cysts can appear and disappear in itself, without any intervention. No treatment is required if they do not hurt or not to interfere with life activity. As these cysts, as a rule, expand on joints, it is worth wrapping a wrist an elastic roller or to limit the movements of a hand or a wrist. Anesthetics can also help.

The accidental injury can lead to the fact that the cyst will burst or will be crushed. Nevertheless, treatment by house means, for example, by a clap on a cyst the heavy book or sticking in it is not recommended by a needle as these actions can become the reason of an injury or infection.
Instead it is better to see a doctor. The specialist in treatment of ganglionic cysts uses a needle for aspiration of liquid in sterile conditions. Sometimes steroids or other drugs are entered into empty space. Surgical removal of a cyst – too quite good option. Unfortunately, sometimes cysts are returned even after aspiration or surgical intervention.

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