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Uterus hyper tone


The uterus hyper tone – not an independent disease, is only a trouble sign in the woman's organism which cannot be ignored as it demonstrates real threat of spontaneous abortion.

The raised uterus tone in the I trimester of pregnancy time leads to death of fetal egg, not developing pregnancy, to spontaneous abortion. In II and III trimesters the hyper tone of a uterus leads to a late misbirth and premature births, promoting development of istmiko-cervical insufficiency.

The hyper tone is dangerous to the fruit developing in a uterus by disturbance of blood supply of a placenta and, therefore, a pre-natal hypoxia (air hunger) and a growth inhibition and development. Besides, the placenta is not reduced at reduction of a uterus that leads to its amotio and even to spontaneous abortion on any term, to the birth of the premature child.

Gipertonus's symptoms of a uterus:

At increase in a tone of a uterus the heavy feeling and tension in the lower part of a stomach appears. There are pains in the field of a pubis, nagging pains in a waist, feeling of a raspiraniye in the lower part of a stomach, pain, similar to menstrual.

Gipertonus's reasons uterus:

The hyper tone of a uterus can be caused by hormonal frustration, most often – depression of function of ovaries (production of estrogen and/or progesterone decreases), and also strengthening of secretion of male sex hormones in adrenal glands and/or ovaries (giperandrogeniya). Quite often similar hormonal disturbances rank as the erased forms of endocrine diseases proceeding asymptomatically (i.e. in any way proving). Out of pregnancy such states are not considered dangerous, however the pregnancy causing the raised load of all bodies and systems including endocrine, sometimes provokes disturbance of an optimum ratio men's and female sex hormones.

The hyper tone of a uterus can develop against the background of inflammatory diseases of bodies of a small pelvis or be a consequence of earlier made abortions, anomalies and malformations of a uterus, tumoral processes (myomas).

Besides, it is established that alarming and a depression of the woman in time and even before pregnancy, internal tension, uncertainty in itself – all this also increases probability of increase in a tone of a uterus.

Gipertonus's treatment uterus:

First of all, it is necessary to calm down and relax. The tone can decrease if the emotional pressure decreases.

If the doctor insists on hospitalization, it is worth making secure and agreeing. It is useful to go to hospital at least because there will easier observe absolute rest. The standard term of treatment is 10-14 days.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for Gipertonus's treatment a uterus:

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