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Calcaneus epiphysitis


The epiphysitis of a calcaneus is the state which is shown pains in a heel as a result of separation of an apophysis of a calcaneus from her body before end of ossification.

Эпифизит пяточной кости

Calcaneus epiphysitis

Calcaneus epiphysitis symptoms:

In a calcaneus there are two centers of ossification. One of them becomes more active at once after the birth, another — usually not earlier than 8 years. End of ossification is, as a rule, observed by 15 years, at earlier age these two parts of a calcaneus connect cartilaginous tissue. The physical overwork, in particular, the strong traction effort made for an apophysis the reduced or shortened shin muscles, can lead to disturbance of an integrity of this cartilaginous connection in certain cases. The risk of such damage increases at acceleration of growth of data of bone structures for lack of sufficient lengthening of muscles.

Calcaneus epiphysitis symptoms:

At diagnosis are considered age of the patient (usually from 9 to 14 years), data on a physical overwork and the typical localization of pain along side surfaces of a calcaneus amplifying when standing on tiptoe or run. Increase in local temperature and puffiness are sometimes noted. The X-ray analysis of diagnostic value has no.

Treatment of an epiphysitis of a calcaneus:

For reduction of pains in footwear enclose a podpyatochnik. The night immobilization is sometimes effective. It is important to calm the patient and his parents as pains can proceed within several months.

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