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The ventroptosis is a gastroptosis. Most often this disease occurs at women after 30 years.

Ventroptosis symptoms:

The acquired gastroptosis arises when weakening muscles of a front abdominal wall. At the same time the stomach and all loading on maintenance of a stomach cease to press and fix muscles of a front abdominal wall falls on its copular device. Sheaves gradually stretch – there is a gastroptosis – a ventroptosis. Weakening of muscles of a front abdominal wall happens at sharp weight loss when the size of a stomach decreases, and muscles remain some time in the stretched state and cease to perform the function. The same state can arise after pregnancy, after removal of a big tumor or liquid in an abdominal cavity.

Allocate three degrees of a gastroptosis:
at the first degree of a ventroptosis the lower bound of a stomach is 2 cm above the line between crests of an ileal bone (the crested line)
at the second degree – the lower bound of a stomach matches the level of the crested line
at the third degree the bottom edge of a stomach falls below the crested line.

The first and second degrees of a gastroptosis usually clinically are not shown. Only some patients can have a heavy feeling in a stomach or the aching pains in an upper half of a stomach. Sometimes pains arise after run, jumps. At the same time ligaments of a stomach stretch. Such pain usually quickly passes.

At the third extent of omission of pain arise more often after food, but decrease in a prone position as the sheaves supporting a stomach in this situation cease to stretch.

At the patient appetite is usually reduced and often there is nausea. Some patients complain of pains in heart. Patients with a constitutional gastroptosis usually have the accompanying enteroptosis or kidneys that is followed by locks and pains in lumbar area. Often such patients show a set of complaints of neurotic character. At survey of the patient the stomach otvislost can be found. Sometimes it is possible to probe through a front abdominal wall the lower surface of a stomach and the gatekeeper (the place of transition of a stomach to a duodenum).

At a roentgenoscopic research with contrasting by barium find the stretched, extended stomach, omission of borders of a stomach, accumulation in a stomach of a contrast agent. Besides, decrease in a physical activity of a stomach – hypotonia comes to light. At a research of functional activity of a gastric juice decrease in amount of hydrochloric acid or even its absence (achlorhydria) often is defined.

Гастроптоз на контрастной рентгенограмме

Ventroptosis on the contrast roentgenogram

Ventroptosis reasons:

Depending on an etiology allocate a ventroptosis
- inborn or konstitutsionalno caused at an asthenic constitution
- acquired.

Treatment of the Ventroptosis:

The physiotherapy exercises directed to strengthening of muscles of a prelum abdominale are considered the main method of treatment of a ventroptosis. At the third degree of a ventroptosis the special set of exercises under the leadership of the physiotherapy exercises instructor is appointed.

Physiotherapeutic treatment, massage of a stomach, underwater shower massage is applied. The diet with frequent fractional food is recommended to all patients. Food should not be rough and difficult digested. Carrying a medical bandage is sometimes appointed.

Surgical methods of treatment of a ventroptosis are applied seldom in connection with a frequent recurrence of a ventroptosis after operational treatment.

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