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Cardiospasm — the lack of reflex relaxation of the lower sphincter of a gullet during swallowing which is followed by partial obstruction of food and expansion of overlying departments of a gullet. Arises more often aged from 20 up to 40 years.

Cardiospasm symptoms:

At the beginning of a disease the spasm of cardial department of a gullet arises periodically, but then becomes frequent and becomes constant. Overlying departments of a gullet gradually extend, getting a sacculate form. Against the background of stagnation of food the gullet inflammation develops in them (esophagitis).

The leading clinical symptom is the dysphagy — disturbance of swallowing in connection with difficulty of passing of food on a gullet. During food the feeling of a delay in a gullet of firm food, sometimes liquids suddenly appears. After a while food passes in a stomach, and the unpleasant feeling disappears. Further such attacks repeat, the delay of food becomes a constant. Insufficient emptying of a gullet leads to its overflow, and patients have a vomiting of stagnant food masses. In the started cases gullet contents without tension from the patient stream outside, i.e. regurgitation appears; pressure sense and dull aches behind a breast join. Emergence of attacks of suffocation can demonstrate that there is a prelum of bodies of a mediastinum an expanded gullet. The general weakness increases, weight loss, cardiovascular frustration are noted. Owing to aspiration of food masses pneumonia is possible; abscesses and atelectases of lungs.

Cardiospasm reasons:

In an etiology and a pathogeny of a cardiospasm disturbances of functions central matter and the autonomic nervous system, the mental injury, can play a part a viral infection.

Treatment of the Cardiospasm:

Treatment in initial stages of a disease conservative. It includes normalization of the general and food modes (frequent, fractional food, mechanically sparing high-calorific food with an exception of acute and acid products), appointment holinoblokiruyushchy (atropine) and spasmolytic drugs (a papaverine, Nospanum), nitrates, antagonists of calcium, sedatives. In the absence of effect of conservative treatment or along with it carry out cardiodilatation: the forced expansion of cardial department of a gullet by means of the inflated cylinder. In late stages of a disease at inefficiency of cardiodilatation perform surgery — an ezofagokardiomiotomiya.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Cardiospasm:

  • Препарат Дротаверина гидрохлорид.

    Drotaverinum hydrochloride

    Synthetic spasmolysants. Papaverine derivatives.

    RUP of Belmedpreparata Republic of Belarus

  • Препарат Дротаверин.


    Vazodilatatora. Myotropic spasmolysants.

    SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL (Balkans Pharmasyyutikals) Republic of Moldova

  • Препарат Дротаверин.


    Synthetic spasmolysants and anticholinergics.

    Arterium (Arterium) Ukraine

  • Препарат Дротаверин.



    JSC Biokhimik Republic of Mordovia

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