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Ruptures of fabrics of patrimonial ways


Ruptures of fabrics of patrimonial ways - one of the most widespread types of birth trauma of mother. Gaps happen external and internal. Most often at childbirth (especially the first) the crotch is injured.

Symptoms of Ruptures of fabrics of patrimonial ways:

Degree of ruptures of a crotch:

1 degree: rupture of back commissure and skin of a crotch

2 degree: rupture of muscles of a pelvic bottom

3 degree: rupture of a sphincter (circular muscles) of an anus.

Complications at ruptures of a crotch:

    * - omission of walls of a vagina, omission of walls of a bladder, rectum;
    * - an incontience of gases, a calla at the 3rd degree of gaps;
    * - suppuration of seams.

Reasons of Ruptures of fabrics of patrimonial ways:

The crotch generally consists of muscles which form a bottom of a small pelvis. At the child's birth, especially at head presentation, strong pressure is put upon these muscles. Depends on elasticity of fabrics and muscles of a crotch, how well, without gaps they will be able to stretch at the time of delivery.
Reasons of loss of elasticity of fabrics

    * - age of the woman in labor (of 35 years and above);
    * - candidiasis (milkwoman), a colpitis (an inflammation mucous vaginas) during pregnancy;
    * - hems on a crotch after the previous childbirth or other operations;
    * - puffiness of a crotch at long, heavy attempts, at weakness of patrimonial activity, etc.

Also the risk of gaps increases:

    * - if the woman in labor badly carried out or did not follow the instruction of the obstetrician (incorrectly and/or at the wrong time made an effort, etc.);
    * - if large fruit or big head of a fruit;
    * - at rapid childbirth (the bystry birth of a head);
    * - insufficiently qualified obstetric care;
    * - psychological factors (nervousness, tension, fear at the time of delivery).

Treatment of Ruptures of fabrics of patrimonial ways:

Modern obstetricians take in ruptures of a crotch the resolving synthetic threads (vikrit slow motion, vikrit). They resolve from 40 to 96 days, do not leave rough hems and do not give complications at the following childbirth. Seams in maternity hospital regularly process solution of diamond greens (brilliant green) or potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate). It dries seams and helps them to heal quicker.

At home it is necessary to continue to dry a wound air bathtubs, ointments (solkoserit, бепантен), to do special exercises, etc. Naturally all these operations should be performed after approval of the doctor.  It is very important to observe hygiene (podmyvaniye after each toilet, change of laying, etc.)

At the first signs of complications (hypostasis, pus, reddening, etc.) it is necessary to see a doctor at once.

If fresh gaps were sewn badly up, then doctors can perform afterwards operation on recovery of a crotch: old ruptures of different degrees operate, recover integrity of fabrics and muscles.

Меры предотвращения разрывов тканей родовых путей

Measures of prevention of ruptures of fabrics of patrimonial ways

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