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Calcaneal spur


  Or at the place of an attachment of an Achilles tendon it is accepted to call bone growths in the form of a thorn or a beak in the field of a bottom surface of a hillock of a calcaneus calcaneal spurs. Most often calcaneal spurs are a consequence of involute processes of a human body and are found as anatomic feature in persons of middle advanced age.

Symptoms of the Calcaneal spur:

The clinical picture at a calcaneal spur is typical. Most often patients complain of so-called "starting pain". The suffering this illness most heavier gives the first steps after a dream, long sitting.  Pains at a calcaneal spur can be burning, acute at a support on a heel, determined by patients as nailing feeling in a heel. Pains can extend on all calcaneal area, or be localized on the internal surface of a heel. Pains can suddenly appear and have acuity or develop gradually, passing into chronic. Patients involuntarily try to unload a heel.

At survey of calcaneal area, as a rule, pathological changes are not found. When pressing morbidity is defined on a calcaneus hillock from a sole and when squeezing a heel from sides.

At a back calcaneal spur morbidity at the place of an attachment of an Achilles tendon during the walking and pressure is noted by a footwear back. It is possible swelled this area, callosity of skin.

Intensity of pain does not depend on the size of the spur defined on the roentgenogram. Quite often acute in a form and spurs, large by the size, are an accidental radiological find. At the same time, severe pains in calcaneal area at a normal X-ray pattern are possible.
Thus, clinical symptoms at a calcaneal spur are caused, first of all, not by existence of the spur, but changes in soft tissues: inflammation of deep mucous bags (subcalcaneal bursitis, achillobursitis), phenomena of a periostitis and most often bottom fascitis.

Bottom fascitis is called the inflammation of a bottom fascia. The bottom fascia is the wide strip of fibrous fabric which is located along a leg sole from a heel to a front part of foot. There is a justified opinion that in development of a calcaneal spur the bottom fascitis is primary. The inflammation causes reactive osteoblastic process as a result of which the calcaneal spur develops.

Signs of a bottom fascitis well come to light at ultrasonic examination of soft tissues of foot. Reasonablly before the choice of a method of treatment of a calcaneal spur to make ultrasonography of soft tissues of foot.

Reasons of the Calcaneal spur:

Longitudinal flat-footedness, acute and chronic injury, rheumatism, infection, vascular and neurodystrophic frustration can be the reasons of formation of spurs.

Treatment of the Calcaneal spur:

Treatment of a calcaneal spur conservative also depends on the reason of development of a disease and a stage of process. The complex of the medical actions directed to elimination of inflammatory process is recommended. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the place the gels and ointments having antiinflammatory and resorptional effect, фонофорез with a hydrocortisone, cryotherapy are appointed. The good and lasting effect gives single introduction of a diprospan locally.

The most important condition of efficiency of treatment ensuring unloading of painful area. For this purpose at a calcaneal spur according to indications appoint individual orthopedic insoles with the calculation internal and outside longitudinal the arches, deepening and soft laying under a heel. As a temporary measure recommend use of a podpyatochnik with deepening or an opening in the center – so-called rzgruzochny adaptation at a calcaneal spur. Such devices are on sale in orthopedic salons. The fullest unloading by means of orthopedic footwear with deepening in a heel is considered. At a back spur deepening becomes in a back. As the temporary measure at treatment of a calcaneal spur can be recommended wearing footwear without back. Will include heat baths with sea salt in a complex of treatment of a calcaneal spur soap, soda, remedial gymnastics, massage of muscles of foot and a shin. These actions are directed on improvement of blood supply of fabrics of foot.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Calcaneal spur:

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    Purpose T

    Complex homeopathic medicine.

    Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH (Biologishe Haylmittel Heel Gmbh) Germany


  • Препарат Цель Т.

    Purpose T

    Complex homeopathic medicine.

    Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH (Biologishe Haylmittel Heel Gmbh) Germany

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