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Migrenozny neuralgia


Migrenozny neuralgia - the paroxysms of cruel pains in temporal and orbital area repeating several times within a day.

At 80% of patients of the attack of a headache happen within 1-2 months to the subsequent remission equal of 5-10 months.

Reasons of migrenozny migraine:

Causes of illness to modern medicine it is unknown.

Symptoms of migrenozny neuralgia:

Prodromal symptoms are absent. The attack of unilateral pains with possible irradiation in a jaw, an ear and a neck arises and comes to an end suddenly. Pains are accompanied by intensive dacryagogue, a rhinorrhea, hypersalivation, an injection of vessels, conjunctivas. The person turns pale or becomes hyperemic; patients have feeling of rush of blood in an upper part of a trunk. The headache reaches extreme degrees - patients rush about, shout. Attack duration of 5-10 min. to 1-2 h, there are they several times in days; duration of a series ("bunch") of pains - several days or months. Similar series of pains alternate with the long periods of full wellbeing. Men are ill considerably more often than women. Unlike migraines headache arises and comes to an end suddenly and repeats several times a day. At an epileptiform neuralgia duration of painful crisis usually does not exceed 1-2 min., the attack provokes meal, a conversation, cooling.


Differential diagnosis of migrenozny neuralgia should be carried out with migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, temporal arteritis, Reder's syndrome.

Treatment of migrenozny neuralgia:

Attacks of heavy migrenozny neuralgia are eliminated by means of drugs of glucocorticoids (Prednisolonum of 20-30 mg/days), lithium carbonate (on 600-700 mg/days). The combination and - adrenoblockers (анаприлин) with antidepressants is the most effective (amitriptyline koaksit). Courses of auto-training and hypnotherapy practice. Courses of the combined treatment give optimum effect.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Migrenozny neuralgia:

  • Препарат Парацетамол.


    Analgeziruyushchy non-narcotic means.

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