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Fracture of edges

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Fractures of edges — disturbances of integrity of a bone or cartilaginous part of one or several edges. The fracture of one edge or changes of a small amount of edges which are not followed by complications and other damages usually grow together independently and do not demand considerable interventions or an immobilization.

Symptoms of the Fracture of edges:

Complaints to the expressed thorax pain amplifying at deep breath and cough are characteristic. Therefore breath of the patient becomes superficial that increases risk of development of pneumonia as complications.

At survey it is possible to reveal lag of a thorax in the act of breath on the party of defeat, sometimes in the place of a change find a painful swelling. At a palpation in the field of a change note morbidity, it is frequent — crepitation and deformation in the form of a step. The symptom of "the interrupted breath" which is not revealed at a thorax bruise is characteristic — interruption of attempt to make a deep breath because of pain. Reveal Payr's symptom (morbidity at inclinations in the healthy party) and the symptom of axial loadings — at serial squeezing of a thorax in the sagittal and frontal planes, pain arises in the field of defect of a bone, but not in the place of a prelum.

For an exception of complications carry out a palpation of an abdominal cavity, auscultation, measurement of ChSS and arterial pressure. At injury of a lung by the broken rib there can be a pneumorrhagia, hypodermic emphysema, pneumo - or a hemothorax.

Перелом ребер на рентгенографии

Fracture of edges on a X-ray analysis

Reasons of the Fracture of edges:

Fractures of edges result from blows, falling on the acting objects, and also without direct injury (a thorax prelum). They can arise at various tumoral, infectious diseases, osteoporosis (a pathological change).

Treatment of the Fracture of edges:

With the first medical assistance enter anesthetic — 1 ml of 2% of Promedolum. For the period of transportation the thorax is hardly bandaged.

In a hospital apply alcohol-прокаиновую blockade. For this purpose in the place of a change enter 10-15 ml of 1-2% of solution of Procainum and, without taking a needle, add 1 ml of 70% of alcohol. At elimination of pain there is possible a deep breath and cough. At preservation of pain blockade is repeated in 2-3 days. Appoint analginum inside, expectorants.

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