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Akhillodiniya is a disease of one of calcaneal bags which is located on a back surface of a calcaneal hillock, resulted Achilles tendon microtears.

Akhillodiniya reasons:

The etiological moments bad footwear, single or long irritation, injury (rubbing) of skin admit; from more rare reasons call tbc, rheumatism, etc. infections. But as the most frequent reason of an akhillodiniya it is necessary to recognize gonorrhea which of all mucous bags izlyublenno affects an Achilles tendon bag.



Akhillodiniya symptoms:

Morbidity at the movements by foot and walking, lameness, a swelling on the course of a tendinous vagina and at the place of an attachment to a calcaneus.

Treatment of an akhillodiniya:

Treatment of an akhillodiniya — conservative: the foot immobilization a back plaster splint for 7 — 10 days, UVCh, paraffin applications, ultrasound, sometimes is required excision of a mucous bag.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for Akhillodiniya's treatment:

  • Препарат Панкреатин.


    Digestive fermental means.

    JSC Irbit Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant Russia

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