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Spinal stroke


Spinal stroke — an acute disorder of spinal blood circulation with injury of a spinal cord and disorder of its functions owing to difficulty or the termination of intake of blood. Has frequency about 1% from all strokes.

Кровоснабжение спинного мозга

Blood supply of a spinal cord

Reasons of a spinal stroke:

Strokes of a spinal cord meet крайнередко. The reason of a stroke to become occlusion of ekstraspinalny vessels, originative to radicular and medullary arteries, or defeat of intramedullary vessels. Though atherosclerosis of these vessels even at elderly patients is observed not more often than in 3% of cases. Aorta pathology, for example such as – aneurism, coarctation, an atherosclerotic stenosis can be a cause of infringement of a blood-groove. Also the myocardial infarction can cause a stroke. the accompanied with sharp falling of level of arterial pressure, vertebralny osteochondrosis leading to squeezing of radicular and medullary arteries, tumoral processes in a head and spinal cord. More often the front spinal artery providing blood supply of a front part of a spinal cord is surprised.

Symptoms of a spinal stroke:

In an initial stage of process strong pain in a back appears. Further the anesthesia in the field of located lower than the level of defeat is noted, and there can also be sluggish paralysis.

The disturbances which happened at a stroke can quickly be recovered, but also long-term manifestation of spinal effect is possible.

The diagnosis on the basis of clinical signs is established, it is necessary to differentiate a spinal heart attack from a myelitis, an epidurit and a metastatic tumor of a backbone.

Treatment of a spinal stroke:

Treatment directionally on recovery of zhiznennovazhny functions, recovery of the broken blood supply, on a lysis of the formed blood clots. It is also necessary to pay attention to fight against decubituses and diseases from urinogenital system. Doctors advise patients with a stroke spinal to choose special mattresses which favorably influence a backbone promote a quiet dream. The forecast depends on associated diseases and extent of damage of a spinal cord.

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