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Cervical syndrome


The cervical facet syndrome is set of the symptoms including neck, head, shoulder pain and in a proximal part of the upper extremity irradiating on nedermatomny type. Pain is slight, stupid. Can be unilateral, bilateral, it is considered that pain is a consequence of pathology of a facet joint.

Symptoms of the Cervical syndrome:

At many patients with a facet syndrome at deep (palpations morbidity of juxtaspinal muscles is noted, the muscular spasm can take place. Patients show reduced Tsrbjem of movements in cervical department of a backbone, often complain of pain during the bending, extension, rotation and side bending in cervical department. In the absence of the accompanying radiculopathy, the plexopathy or tunnel neuropathy of any motor or touch shefitsit does not come to light.

At damage of a facet joint at the C1-2 level pain extends to back auricular and occipital areas. At defeat of C2-3 pain can extend to area of a forehead and eyes.

Pain coming from facet joints of SZ-4 extends up to suboccipital area and down to posterolateral department of a neck, pain from C4-5 of facet joints irradiates in the neck basis. Pain from C5-6 of facet joints extends to shoulders and interscapular area, and from C6-7 - in supraspinal and podostny poles.

Pain at a cervical facet syndrome amplifies at (bending, extension and side bending in cervical department of a backbone. Often amplifies after an exercise stress in the mornings. Each facet joint receives an innervation from two levels: it fibers of dorzalny branches of the corresponding and above-located segments.

Reasons of the Cervical syndrome:

In an etiology of a cervical syndrome one of the leading places is occupied by dysplastic instability of cervical department of a backbone (DNShP).

Нестабильность шейного отдела позвоночника - причина цервикального синдрома

Instability of cervical department of a backbone - the reason of a cervical syndrome

Treatment of the Cervical syndrome:

At treatment of a cervical facet syndrome multi-level approach is most effective. Thermal procedures and the weakening massage in combination with NPVS (for example, diclofenac, to lornoksika) and muscle relaxants (for example, тизанидин) are a reasonable initiation of treatment. The following logical step vlyatsya use of blockade of cervical facet joints are carried out only under control of a flyuoroskopiya. For symptomatic simplification blockade of a medial branch of a dorzalny nerve or intra joint injections in a facet joint of local anesthetics or steroids are extremely effective. The depression, Lezhashy at the heart of frustration of a dream, is best of all treated by tricyclic ntidepressant.

Often cervical facet blockade is combined with atlanto-occipital blockade at treatment of pain in this area. Though from anatomic positions the atlanto-occipital joint is not truly facet, the equipment used by pain specialists is similar that at facet blockade.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Cervical syndrome:

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