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Mean obstruction of a blood vessel by a thromboembolism blood clot — a clot. Process proceeds sharply, develops suddenly and, quite often, becomes the reason of disability or death, especially when obstruction is localized in vitals — a head and spinal cord, heart, extremities.

The thromboembolism is not an independent disease, it only a consequence of various pathological processes as a result of which in vessels blood clots are formed.

Тромбоэмболия легочной артерии

Thromboembolism of a pulmonary artery

Thromboembolism reasons:

The thromboembolism reason — the come-off blood clot. It as if the stopper, blocks a gleam of vessels, in this place develops ischemia — desalination. If the ischemia center in a brain vessel — develops an ischemic stroke, the blood clot which localized in heart arteries causes ischemia of its certain site which is shown in the form of a myocardial infarction. What promotes formation of blood clots in vessels?

All have a Trombotichesky readiness of an organism. But blood clots and the more so, thromboembolisms develop not at all. The risk degree at smokers — because of the increased viscosity of blood, vasoconstriction, disturbance of their tone is high. A diabetes mellitus, operations, oncological diseases, frequent infections, uncontrolled drug intake, "standing" work, a habit to cross "the legs" — all this too risk factors of formation of blood clots, so — thromboembolisms.

Thromboembolism symptoms:

The symptomatology depends on localization of blood clot, that is, on in what place he was late. If it is the lower extremity — thrombophlebitis with the subsequent gangrene develops. If blood clot stops in vessels of an abdominal cavity — symptoms of "acute abdomen" — sharp pain, vomiting, weakness appear. Blood clot can cause a kidney heart attack — if it blocks the corresponding vessel. But any case of a thromboembolism is a potential threat of life, and from that, blood clot will be how timely found, both survival, and quality of further life depends.


Specific diagnostic methods I exist, but they are more directed to the prevention of a thromboembolism. The diagnosis is made on the basis of complaints of the patient and observations of the doctor. At suspicion of a thrombembolia appoint some researches which can or confirm existence of blood clots in general, or — if localization of blood clot is known at least approximately — will give a full picture of a thromboembolism.

Treatment of a thromboembolism:

Treatment of a thromboembolism is carried out only in a hospital because from that, how timely and correctly it will be carried out, the forecast depends. Tactics of treatment is chosen on an etiology and clinic of the developed process. Here both resuscitation actions, and surgical treatment, conservative therapy is possible. But one of obligatory stages of treatment — thrombolytic therapy with use of heparin or similar drugs.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Thromboembolism:

  • Препарат Варфарин.


    Anticoagulant of indirect action.


  • Препарат АнгиоНорм.


    Angioprotektorny means.


  • Препарат Гепарин.


    Anticoagulating means of direct action.

    Federal State Unitary Enterprise Moscow Endocrine Plant Russia

  • Препарат Фраксипарин форте.

    Fraksiparin forte

    Anticoagulant of direct action - heparin low-molecular.

    Glaxo Operetaions UK Limited (Glakso Opereyshns YuK Limited) Great Britain

  • Препарат Ангионорм®.


    The drug improving microcirculation. Vasoprotective.

    CJSC Pharmfirma Soteks Russia

  • Препарат Ницерголин.


    Proofreaders of disturbances of cerebral circulation.

    SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL (Balkans Pharmasyyutikals) Republic of Moldova

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