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Kortiko-bazalnaya degeneration


The Kortiko-bazalnaya Degeneration (KBD) — the sporadic degenerative disease of TsNS which is developing mainly at elderly people, characterized by asymmetric levodoparezistentny parkinsonism in combination with dystonia, a myoclonus, a tremor and cortical dysfunction.

Symptoms of a kortiko-basal degeneration:

Kortikobazalny degeneration — the rare sporadic degenerative disease of not clear genesis arising on average or advanced age with an identical frequency at representatives of both floors. When the expressed bradykinesia and rigidity develop, the kortikobazalny degeneration can imitate Parkinson's disease. Quite often the postural and kinetic tremor, but the major factors defining weight of a condition of the patient develops, more often not extrapyramidal syndromes, but apraxia and awkwardness are. The clinical picture is quite often supplemented by the alalias (connected with aphasia, oral apraxia or a dysarthtia), difficult types of sensitivity, a syndrome of ignoring of an opposite half of space, a reflex myoclonia, a dysphagy, postural instability, muscular dystonia, and, at last, cognitive and behavioural disturbances. Also frontal signs, revival of tendon jerks, pathological-foot signs can be noted.


The kortikobazalny degeneration differs from Parkinson's disease in existence of the expressed apraxia which is quite often causing a phenomenon of "a useless extremity", difficulties when opening or closing eyes, disturbance of the speech. In favor of a kortikobazalny degeneration also the combination of a pyramidal syndrome, symptoms of dysfunction of bark to extrapyramidal frustration, relative safety of cognitive functions which are broken only at a late stage of a disease testify. However the authentic diagnosis is possible only at autopsy.

Treatment of a kortiko-basal degeneration:

Though at most of patients the attempt to apply protivoparkinsonichesky means does not bring success, it nevertheless is justified. Specific therapy it is not developed.

Forecast. The disease steadily progresses, leading to the accruing invalidism and helplessness of the patient. Death, as a rule, comes from aspiration pneumonia within 10 years from emergence of the first symptoms, is frequent — in earlier terms.

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