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Myoclonia - sudden short-term twitching of separate muscles  or muscles of all body.

Myoclonia symptoms:

Twitchings arise spontaneously, in response to an irritant or at autokinesia.
Myoclonic attacks are often combined with other types of generalized attacks and are the main display of juvenile myoclonic epilepsy.

Myoclonia reasons:

Normal the myoclonia is sometimes observed when backfilling and shown by sudden start. The myoclonia most often develops at metabolic or degenerative diseases of TsNS, and also at a brain hypoxia. The myoclonia develops as a result of defeat of subcrustal structures  or a spinal cord. A myoclonia - a symptom of many neurologic diseases and metabolic frustration. Allocate an intentsionny myoclonia - the syndrome developing after  a brain hypoxia. The myoclonia is observed at  lipidoses,  encephalitis,  Kreyttsfeldta-Jacob's disease,  hypoxemic encephalopathy,  HPN,  a liver failure,  electrolytic disturbances. There is  also myoclonic epilepsy.

Treatment of the Myoclonia:

Carry out treatment of a basic disease.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Myoclonia:

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