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Hypoparathyrosis - the disease connected with deficit of parathormone as a result of insufficiency of epithelial bodies, which is shown a hypocalcemia syndrome.

Hypoparathyrosis symptoms:

  1. The tetany (a tetanic attack) is shown by the paresthesias and fibrillar twitchings passing into the painful tonic spasms proceeding at the kept consciousness symmetrically involving sgibatel of extremities ("obstetrical hand", "horse foot"), facial muscles ("a fish mouth"), razgibatel of a back (opisthotonos) are more rare. Spasms of smooth muscles are shown laringo-and a bronchospasm, a dysphagy, vomiting, a diarrhea, a lock. From vegetative manifestations heat, a fever, heartbeat, pain in heart are characteristic of a hypoparathyrosis. Epileptic seizures can be equivalents of tetanic spasms.
  2. Trophic disturbances and extra bone calcification: a growth disorder of hair and nails, defects of an adamantine substance of tooth, a xeroderma, a cataract, calcification basal ганглиев which can clinically be shown by extrapyramidal symptomatology with a choreoathetosis or parkinsonism.

Hypoparathyrosis reasons:

    * Postoperative hypoparathyrosis.
    * Idiopathic (autoimmune) hypoparathyrosis:
    * Radiation, infiltrative diseases.
    * Aplasia of epithelial bodies and thymus gland (Di George syndrome).

The most frequent form is the postoperative hypoparathyrosis. At the same time it develops not so much as a result of removal of glands how many due to disturbance of their blood supply of communication with developing of fibrosis of cellulose in an operative measure zone. The idiopathic hypoparathyrosis is very rare disease. Extremely rare disease at which the hypoparathyrosis meets is Di George syndrome: combination of an agenesia of epithelial bodies to an aplasia of a thymus gland and inborn heart diseases. Destruction of epithelial bodies in a neck is tumoral infiltration other rare reason of a hypoparathyrosis, and also at hemochromatosis and an amyloidosis.

Treatment of the Hypoparathyrosis:

  1. Gipokaltsiyemichesky crisis. 20 ml of 10% of solution of a gluconate of the calcium divorced in 100-200 ml of normal saline solution or 5% of solution of glucose intravenously within 10 minutes. At repetition (preservation) of symptomatology introduction of a gluconate of calcium repeats.
  2. The maintenance therapy includes purpose of elementary calcium (in the form of carbonate calcium). At most of patients monotherapy by drugs of calcium does not allow to compensate a hypoparathyrosis (to support the normal level of calcium in blood). In this regard vitamin D drugs are appointed.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Hypoparathyrosis:

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