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Encephalopathy and encephalopathy (from other - Greek   — a brain +   — a disease or suffering) — the general name for noninflammatory (unlike encephalitis) brain diseases.

Encephalopathy symptoms:

The acquired encephalopathy can develop at later age as an effect of an infectious disease, intoxication, various structural and functional changes of vessels of a brain, his tumors, injuries, etc. As a rule, the disease does not differ in the expressed symptomatology, however it is possible to allocate a number of the manifestations which are indirectly indicating existence of pathological process:

    * excessive irritability
    * bystry fatigue
    * sleeplessness
    * headache
    * dysmnesias
    * disturbances of intelligence
    * loss of control over emotional manifestations
    * unmotivated aggression
    * adynamy

If poisoning (alcohol or other toxics) served as the reason of encephalopathy, the disease can be characterized as an acute current, with developing of specific psychoses, and the chronic progressing destructions.

Encephalopathy reasons:

Distinguish both the inborn, and acquired encephalopathy. Inborn forms mean developing of a disease during the perinatal period which is beginning on the 28th week of pregnancy and coming to an end upon termination of the first week of life of the child. Pathological changes can be caused by air hunger of a fruit, birth trauma, distinguish from other risk factors:

    * diseases of mother during pregnancy
    * the complicated pregnancy
    * premature births
    * big body weight of a fruit
    * encirclement umbilical cord
    * the complicated disclosure of patrimonial ways
    * neuroinfections, etc.

Treatment of Encephalopathy:

Methods of treatment of encephalopathy. For purpose of adequate treatment the doctor has to estimate very well symptomatology of the patient and data of the conducted researches. Usually the complex includes the drugs improving cerebral circulation in a brain, nootropa, vitamins, adaptogens. Are applied as well additional methods of treatment. The problem of therapy of encephalopathy until now represents rather big complexity, in some cases it is possible to stabilize a condition of the patient only a few.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Encephalopathy:

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